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IT Is It: Different Types of Common IT Services

As a business owner, there’s one thing that you need to prioritize above all else. This thing is your information security. All it takes is for confidential info to get into the wrong hands to shut down your entire operation.

IT services don’t only keep your company safe from hackers. They also help to keep your hardware up to date. Through them, you can get cloud services that will allow your employees to work better together.

That’s only the beginning. Check out this guide to learn more about the different types of IT services that you should consider to keep your company running.

Hardware Support

There are some IT services that you don’t keep around 24/7. You hire them when you need them. These are known as on-demand services.

Hardware support is one that most companies use as an on-demand service. You’ll only call these professionals out when it comes time to fix up a computer or some other piece of workplace equipment.

They’ll also take your old outdated hardware and dispose of it the right way. That includes formatting your hard disks so no one can gain access to the information that was on them.

Software Services

Software services spend their time making sure that your software agreements and licenses are up to date. It does cost money to outsource these professionals, but they can save you money as well.

For instance, if there’s a software license that your company is still paying for but not using, they’ll be able to locate and end it for you.

Cloud Services

Cloud services are more than helpful to business owners. They allow your employees to join in on workplace meetings no matter where they are.

Your remote employees can pull files out of the cloud system and work on them from their couch. The best part about cloud services is that there are several different types. That means you have the unique ability to only pay for what you need.

The problem is figuring out what you need. Cloud network services can work with you and help you decide. They can also transfer your data to the cloud for you and train your employees on how to use the new technology.

If you ever have a technical issue with the cloud, you’ll have access to 24-hour troubleshooting. Your service provider will keep a constant watch over your system to monitor for any security problems as well.

Managed IT Services

Nine times out of ten, you’ll get your managed IT through a managed service provider. Managed IT covers a vast number of services. Which ones you get will mostly depend on your provider.

A few that you can expect to get are server management, email security, disaster recovery, vCIO reporting, device management, vendor management, workstation management, and network management. This link can tell you more.

Monitoring Services

Technology can be fickle. You never know when your programs are going to stop working the way that they should. That’s where monitoring services come in. They give you access to someone who can make sure all your business systems keep functioning.

Monitoring services also keep a watch on suspicious activity. If someone tries to break into your system to get ahold of your confidential data, you’ll know about it.

If your website network goes down, your monitoring company will be the first ones scrambling to get to the bottom of things. They’ll monitor your web traffic as well.

Network Services

Network management installs your servers and works hard to keep them running. They’ll implement firewalls and get your office appliances set up. They can also prevent unauthorized logins and get two-factor authorization going.

Your network management company won’t only set everything up. They’ll keep tabs on everything to ensure your system keeps running like a well-oiled machine. When something relating to your network needs an upgrade or repairs, this IT service will take care of it.

IT Communications

When it comes to running a business, communication is key. If you have remote employees, you’ll have to keep in contact with them via video conferences.

Some companies prefer to use voice over protocol instead of a traditional landline. What this does is allow you to make phone calls using an internet connection.

Many business owners set up chatbots on their site that can assist potential customers. Your IT communications team can take care of all these functions and more.

Cybersecurity Services

Saving the best for last, cybersecurity is one of the most important things for business owners. That’s why many IT services include it.

If you want to be protected on all fronts, however, you’re going to need a specialized company to take care of things. They can provide you with the anti-virus technology that you need to keep any threats at bay.

They’ll release patches for your software that will cover up any security holes that you may have. Many smaller businesses have a BYOD policy in place.

Employees bring their own devices to work from home. Your cybersecurity provider can use mobile management to monitor any laptop or cell phone that comes into your office.

Understanding the Different Types of IT Services

Without IT services, your company won’t be able to stay on its own two feet. If you don’t have a cybersecurity provider, hackers will take advantage of your small business, and it’s hard to manage your employees without certain technology.

Start shopping around for providers today, and for more ways to keep your company afloat, visit the Business section of our blog.

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