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Home Technology Is Windows Shared Hosting a Right Choice for Beginners?

Is Windows Shared Hosting a Right Choice for Beginners?

If you want to start your own online store or plan to commence a new online business, you have a plethora of options – Shared Hosting, VPS Server, Reseller Hosting, and a Dedicated Server. But the most challenging is choosing one of the reliable and affordable ones among all these web hostings. So, to make it an easy task, first understand the complete requirements of your business. If you are thinking about startups, you should opt for Windows Shared Hosting because it gives you user-friendly web hosting space. Also, you can enjoy the benefits of intensive resources, including storage space, server management, RAM, bandwidth, and so on, at a low price. 

Apart from that, you can have many benefits of choosing the Windows Shared Hosting India, including low cost plans, easy management, and so on. So, if you want to know how it is best for beginners, then you should go with the post. Let’s get started!

Windows Shared Hosting Explained

To understand the definition of a Windows Shared Hosting, you must understand the basics of shared hosting. Shared Hosting is a web hosting type employed by users and small businesses to host their small scale business and personal websites. It comes with a limited set of resources and shares its valuable resource with all the websites and users who utilize the same webspace. However, you can run sites with few web pages on this shared plan. So, if you want to run your website on your separate Windows Operating System, known as Windows Shared Hosting. Windows are the most popular OS designed by Microsoft. Further, users and businesses opt for Windows Shared Web Hosting because it gives you so many reliable benefits and access compatibility that you’ll not get with the Linux one. That’s why it is highly recommended for small businesses, startups, personal bloggers, small enterprises, etc. 

Now, let’s move ahead and talk about the exclusive perks you are allowed to enjoy with the Windows Shared Hosting in the next section. 

How is Windows Shared Hosting the Right Choice for Beginners?

Windows Shared Hosting, as discussed above, is a cost effective plan that comes with bundles of reliable and exclusive benefits. You can utilize all these resources with Windows Shared Hosting. So, take a look at the benefits we are talking about:

– 24/7 Customer Support

Generally, every user requires customer support when commencing their online business. After all, why they may not be concerned about it. It’s one of the most important factors. This is because if any user is stuck somewhere between their web hosting, they have the option to fix the issues with the help of web host provider support. However, you’ll be given 24*7 guru crew support with the Windows Shared Web Hosting. So, you can reach their customer executives via Live Chat, over call, Skype, WhatsApp, and by raising a ticket. 

– No Technical Skills Required

It’s best to choose Windows Shared Hosting to work efficiently and smoothly. This is because, with such hosting, you won’t require any technical skills. If you are a business beginner who doesn’t have much technical knowledge, you do not need to worry. With shared Windows Hosting, you do not require many skills to host your site. 

– Affordable Hosting Solution

When we compare the pricing values of different web hostings, you’ll find that Windows Shared Hosting is the most affordable and cheapest plan among the rest of the web hosting services. You’ll not get such exclusive services at a reasonable price with other hosting like VPS, Dedicated, and Reseller Hosting. All these plans are quite higher in price than the Shared Windows Hosting. 

– Plesk Control Panel

It’s obvious that to operate and manage your server on your own, you may need a wide range of management functions. However, you’ll be given an easy and efficient management panel called Plesk Control Panel with the Windows Shared Hosting. So, you can easily manage your server using the various functions of this control panel. 

– Access Compatibility 

Commonly, despite the availability of many databases, most webmasters likely want to go with Access. This is because it is the perfect one that, together with Windows, makes the complete integration process much easier and smooth. Also, the Windows Shared Web Hosting supports popular programming languages such as ASP and ASP.Net. However, it’s better to go with windows web hosting to enjoy maximum access compatibility. 

Here, at this point, you are completely aware of the top benefits of Windows Shared Web Hosting India. So, it’s time to discuss the rest of the important things you require to commence your startup business. 

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Begin Your Hosting Experience with Wise Solution’s Cheap Windows Shared Hosting

Begin Your Hosting Experience with Wise Solution's Cheap Windows Shared Hosting

You have decided to go with the best Windows Shared Hosting, but did you think about the web host from where you have to buy the hosting? Not at the moment. Then don’t worry! Just sit back and relax. We value your time hence recommend one of the web hosts from where you can buy the affordable plans. 

If you want budget hosting with exclusive services, Wisesolution is one of the best trustworthy web hosting providers in India. It provides so many different types of web hosting services, including the Cheap Windows Shared Hosting. Further, you should choose Wisesolution because you can expect a premium package inclusive of all the reliable services. The services may include Huge storage, bandwidth, better network connectivity for small sites, data security, backups, and much more at an affordable price. Additionally, because of proffering such enterprise grade services to potential customers, Wisesolution has gained the trust of more than 10,000 users across the globe and continuously puts its best efforts to accommodate the growing needs of small and startup businesses.

In addition, you’ll be given real time 24*7 support by the company. So, you can talk to their highly skilled and experienced customer executive team if you encounter technical issues. Their engineers have hands- on experience in resolving technical problems. Also, they are willing to help and assist you. 

Testimonials from Wise Solution customers 

In the below given picture, you can see what our customers say about our company products and services. 

Testimonials from Wise Solution customers

In a Nutshell

Windows Shared Hosting is one of the perfect web hosting platforms for users looking for budget plans to start their business. You’ll get everything you need from user-friendly web hosting, storage space, access compatibility, easy management panel, and so on at an affordable price. Further, if you buy the Cheap Windows Shared Web Hosting plan by Wisesolution, you’ll be given 24*7 guru crew support. So, you won’t have to face the issues in your hosting experience. 

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