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How to Save Instagram Video

Instagram is an application that focuses on multimedia type content in the form of photos and videos. Although the content available is very much. But to download content such as photos or videos on Instagram is still less easy because there is no download feature.

There are several ways and tips which tells you how to save Instagram Video. Of course, these tips are not by way of screenshots.

how to download Instagram videos

The trick is to use a third-party application.

There are several applications that are able to download photos and videos content on Instagram. Moreover, the application has also been supported by the Android and IOS operating systems.

Here are the ways and tips for downloading videos on Instagram:

Ig Video Downloader

IgVideoDownloader is very useful for those of you who don’t like to add applications on your smartphone.

Because IgVideoDownloader comes from an online site that provides video and photo content downloads on Instagram, here’s how to download Instagram videos without the application:

  • Run the Instagram application.
  • Select the video to download.
  • Next copy the link in the Instagram video.
  • And open the address igvideodownloader.com
  • Next, paste the Instagram video link.
  • A download button will appear, then download it.

This can be done using a smartphone and a PC. Check Similar sites

  • Downloadgram
  • W3toys
  • Instadownload.site

Fast Save

FastSave is an application for downloading videos and other content that is on Instagram. In its application, this application is slightly different from other applications.

Here’s how to use it:

Download the application on the Google Store and Install.

  • Next, run the FastSave application.
  • So that this application can be active, then press the button on the right side of the FastSave Service.
  • If the application shows blue then the application is active.
  • Next, enter Instagram to choose which content to download.
  • Copy the link as usual and paste it, then your video is ready to watch.

Video Downloader

This is an application that can run on smartphones, the following tips and how to run this application:

  • Download the application in the App Store and Install.
  • Next, run the Instagram application.
  • Then copy the target video link.
  • Open the Video Downloader application and paste the link.
  • And automatically the video is already on your smartphone.

Video Downloader for Instagram

In this section, you will still use the application to be able to download video content on Instagram.

Here are the methods and steps:

  • Run the Play Store application to download and install.
  • Open the Instagram application and select the video that matches your choice.
  • Next, paste as usual and the image will appear that has been available.
  • Then you will have the video on your smartphone.

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