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How to Play Online Live Roulette: A Guide

When it comes to investing in and playing online casino games, doubts are everywhere. After all, big bucks are at stake here. In fact, the largest online slot jackpot was awarded for a whopping £13.2 million!

Now, if you’re trying to win that kind of money playing online casino games, you might want to consider trying your hand at online live roulette.

Here are some tips for how to not only have a pleasant gaming experience but also for winning big.

How to Get Started

Researching is always the best way to get familiar with something. And, in the world of betting, you’ll definitely want to take the time to research!

There is always something new to learn when playing online games. Think new strategies to implement and tips and tricks that help you improve as a player.

Now, online roulettes let you participate just by making a cash payment. But, that doesn’t mean that you should just sign up for the first online roulette site you find!

Instead, be aware of the different sites out there. Try playing on free-play sites before you get started. That way, you’ll learn a lot about the game and how to win, such as:

  • Best betting strategies
  • The different types of games
  • The different ways to win

All of this will help train you to start your journey as a live roulette bettor.

How to Play Roulette

Learning to play roulette online is not only a simple way to win money, but it also gives you the possibility of doing it from the comfort and safety of your home!

That’s a win-win in our book.

Before starting a game, you need to know how roulette is structured.

To begin with, roulette has 37 numbers that you will find on the board. These are written as numbers ranging from 0 to 36.

Initially, a ball is thrown onto the roulette board. You must place your bet before the ball is cast on the roulette board.

Once the ball is thrown there is no going back; your bet will be taken and you’ll be committed to whichever number you selected.

Eventually, the ball starts to stop and falls on one of the numbers on the base. In the event that the ball has fallen on the number you chose, the house will pay you your winnings. After this, the game will continue in equal rounds.

Pro Tip: In a Live Roulette game, there will always be a list of the more recent winning numbers (hot numbers). These results aren’t used as a way to predict the next winning number, but they may give you strategies for future games.

Tips for Online Betting

Now that you know how to play roulette, let’s take a look at a few tips for online betting. Since online gambling is just a click away thanks to the internet, you can get started easily. However, having the right tips up your sleeve before you start can help you be even more successful at your game.

Know Your Odds

First, it’s important that you know your chances of winning, improving your game, and making winning opportunities more likely. The key is not to think that you will never be a winner, but to instead focus on training. The more you train and know the game, the better a player you will

Remember the House Odds

Secondly, in the world of betting, you should know that the house will always take a percentage of profit according to the game of roulette you have decided to play.

In general, European roulette has a house gain of 2.7%. In American roulette, on the other hand, the house advantage is increased to 5.25%. French roulette works almost the same as European roulette, with the exception that players have the possibility to recover money if the ball falls to 0.

Types of Roulette Bets

Part of learning how to play roulette is learning about the types of bets you can place. Below, we’ll look at a few different bets you can make on roulette:

  • Straight Up: bets placed on a single number
  • Split: bets placed on two numbers simultaneously. In this case, if the ball falls between the two numbers you chose, you have a chance to win 17:1.
  • Street: This type of “street” bet allows you to choose three numbers from the roulette table. The gain is 11:1.
  • Corner: You can choose a block of 4 numbers, placing your token at the spot where they join. This type of betting has 8:1 winnings.
  • Six-line: This bet is basically two street bets. In this bet, you must place the chip at the intersection of both the street bets. The chance of winning is 5:1.
  • 1-18: In this case, the bet is located at numbers 1-18.
  • 19-36: Like the 1:18 bets, this bet is placed on numbers 19 and 36 according to the assigned section of the roulette.
  • Even: This is a bet on all pairs in roulette. This is located next to the red section of the table.
  • Odd: This is a bet on the odd numbers. This is located next to the black section of the table.
  • Black: As simple as betting on the black numbers at the table.
  • Red: Put the red numbers located on the table.

Basic Roulette Strategies

Armed with the knowledge you have now, you’re ready to start earning some real profits. Here are a few popular betting strategies you can use to win some cold hard cash in online roulette:

  1. Bet on hot numbers: betting on hot numbers is usually a very popular strategy for expert players, although their results are mixed.
  2. Try European Roulette: European roulette is the most popular type of roulette because the house edge is 2.7
  3. Go for the safe bets: even though bets like red and black have a low payout, they will guarantee you more time at the table and give the possibility of having more continuous winnings.

Try Your Hand at Online Live Roulette

With this guide, you have all the tools you need to become a successful online roulette player. Keep these tips in mind and you could watch your winnings soar!

Did you love this guide? Want more like it? Be sure to check out our other posts and subscribe!

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