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Home Technology How to get Twitter Followers in an Organic Manner?

How to get Twitter Followers in an Organic Manner?

 So, What up duck! Are you new on twitter? How many followers do you believe to cater?

This question might be very daunting to hear as a small business owner. Finding a social platform that makes it more engaging, have extensive followers and give back a tons of profit in return in what marketers are in search for.

You may find lot of celebrities, influencers marking the twitter charts on the top of the page due to their frequent tweets and sharing personal content on their newsfeed.

It has been observed that on twitter 20 to top 100 feeds are written by real world celebrities. By this, you may get an idea of how influential these stars are in front of fans. As a marketer, you need to understand buying these followers will not make you stand with these renowned influencers.    

One thing for sure, twitter account will surely gain you a huge followers list if you correctly. let’s get into details on how to connect with your audience in an easy manner.

Tips on getting twitter followers in an organic way in 2020

Twitter is the most engaging, personalized platform to share your every detailed life history in one particular channel. It was estimated to 1.3 Billion users accounts and 365 Million monthly active users in 2018. It has been estimated 75% B2b market their product on twitter. And according to buy dissertation, 71% of B2B technology marketers said, twitter is the highest social network for product launch.

Now, let’s go further on how to build an organic followers list on your brands twitter account.

  • Bring it on with a catchy keyword bio and a humanized image, link your website on to it as well.
  • Tweet frequently and consistently but do not bombard or flood the timeline with content
  • visualize your content make it more engaging
  • Make hashtags your friend because friend in need is a friend indeed.
  • Keep it connect with replies, retweets and tags
  • Grow your reach through other social media channels

Catchy keyword bio and a humanized image

Just like we write Instagram Bio that has to be attractive enough to make followers understand what your brand is about or what kind of content you will post. For example, if you are a blogger or a digital creator your bio would be like, “about mind, health, emotions, relationships and lifestyle”. This bio shows all kind of keywords attached which are basically related to their own content posted on account.

As a brand you need to keep in mind about the related keywords to cater and adjust your overall bio in less characteristics almost 160 to make it more impactful. The twitters bios are optimized with search engine don’t use words or phrases that are difficult to absorb.

Tweet frequently and consistently

Marketers need to plan ahead of their niche to cater a lot of audience in one singular content post. By tweeting frequently but not bombarding the newsfeed of your followers is a healthy alternative to choose. However, if you think posting a content that is truly worth watching, flooding your follower’s timeline will make it lose its worth.

It has been said by Co-Schedule, if a brand post three to seven times per day it definitely maximizes your engagement. Some even goes with 15 to 20 post per day therefore, you need to check on how your brand is responding to every move you play.

Personalize your content with some humorous content and interesting tweets that make followers read and share it. The half of the post should rely on promotion or brand awareness of your brand. there are lot of content to post such as Buzz stats, breaking news or personal updates about your business.

Visualize your content   

Striving your tweets with compelling visual images will surely let more followers, more likes and more retweets. Whatever you post should be underlined by an image or a GIF that makes it eye catching and to stop calm the serial scrollers to take a look at the post.

Making your content attractive and to encourage engagement you need to try three main strategies.

  1. Colorful blog post preview
  2. attaching a meme or GIF while conveying your message
  3. Sharing of infographics to understand the data or particular information

  Video sharing and GIF are trendiest content marketing strategies to make it shared by your followers. For example, videos such as how to, quick tutorial based content are helpful sources of engagement.

Grow your reach through other social network

Just promoting your brand only with one social platform will not earn you an average engagement. If you have an account of Facebook or Instagram and they have large amount of interactive users than you can advertise your twitter account on to these sites.

The other way to maintain a true follower growth with promotion is to embedded your live twitter feeds to your websites or blogs. Put on the twitter button on the website page and blogs ‘tweet this’ link on so that it could direct you to the twitter account.

Make hashtag your friend

It is definitely true by professional marketers that says hashtags increase the engagement rate more than 10 times and make your post searchable. To get overwhelmed by these hashtags and start posting as many as you can. No, this is the biggest mistake done by marketers. Use relevant hashtag that goes better with your post. For example, #content strategy #content marketing are some of the searchable and relatable hashtag. If can also play with popular hashtags that are trendy at the moment and are related to your business as well. You can also checkout about some of the agency in law essay help UK editor where various content manager are available to help.

Final verdict….

Twitter itself is an easy and simple site to use even as a marketer. If you understand what the audience want from your brand not what you want from them, it will be easier for you to cater large amount of organic reach. Just don’t rely on fake followers or any click per follow methods to gain lot of visual users that no use for engagement or making conversation.

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