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Home Technology Google Ads Campaign Types -Guide and Information

Google Ads Campaign Types -Guide and Information

If you’ve been on the internet for the last couple of years, the probability is that you’ve come across tons of ads from search terms to ads promoting apps download. Below are nine types of Google Ads that you can make use of for your business campaigns. Also, check out this google ads agency.

Google Ads Campaign Types and more Information

Standard Text Ads / Expanded Text Ads (ETAs)

When come to see about types of google ads then you will find Standard text ads are the basic form of Expanded Text Ads with strict character limits that don’t allow room for creativity or copywriting. Recently, Google expanded these basic ads into what is called Expanded Text Ads.

Expanded Text Ads allow for the creation of up to three headlines and two descriptions which also comes with space for “extensions”. These extensions allow you to add phone numbers and backlinks to other pages or your websites.

Responsive Search Ads (RSAs)

Responsive Search Ads or RSAs as they are commonly called have similar features to ETAs but with an extra peck. ETAs offer more options for headlines (14) and descriptions (5) to allow the greatest reach and also allow multiple testing without the need of creating separate ads. Google will try out different combinations of your headlines and description until it identifies the most effective combinations thereby reaching potential customers with the most engaging copy at the right time. The only drawback with this type of ad is that all headlines must work well with others and deliver a clear message irrespective of their order. Though it has limited options which allow you to pin some headlines such as trying to show the brand name in Headline 1. Eventually, Google recommends having one RSA and two ETAs in a standard ad group to ensure the effectiveness of the campaign.

Dynamic Search Ads (DSAs)

This ads type offers automatic automation that populates search ads with content from your website. That is to say, dynamic search ads use the content on your websites to target your ads to users searching for similar products and services. These types of ads are recommended for well-developed websites with distinct and clear categories of content and a large inventory of products.

This automation allows you to save more time in setup and also, ensures that all necessary keywords are used. But the automation feature means you have little control over what your ad will say to potential customers. However, you can upload a product feed for Google to create ads that are specific and relevant to your pages or websites.

Image Ads

Image ads which are otherwise known as display ads are a type of ad that is featured on Google Display Network. These are websites that partner with Google to provide ad space. Your ad will be run on websites that are commonly visited by your targeted audiences. Image ads can be static or interactive graphics. They are highly recommended for ads or campaigns focusing on brand awareness.

App Promotional Ads

This type of ad is used to promote app downloads. App promotional ads are run on mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets but can also be featured on platforms with Google Search and Display Networks, Google Play, YouTube, and Google Discover.

Video Ads

Motion graphics and other video ad formats allow you to offer a more engaging experience to users. This types of google ads is also featured on Google Partner sites and platforms such as YouTube.

Video advertising has one of the highest conversion rates and is duly recommended to those companies that have the budget for it. Bubble burst: per day, at least 500 million hours of video content are watched on YouTube alone and one-third of all online activity involves video consumption.

Product Shopping Ads

This type of ad shows items for sale with the product image, title, price, and a link directing customers to your online store or website. Google gets the necessary information needed for this kind of ad from your Google Merchant Center account by providing a product feed for the campaign. The ads will be featured on Google Shopping, Images, Search Partner websites, and at the top of the Search Engine Results Page (SERP)

Showcase Shopping Ad

Showcase shopping ads are quite similar to product shopping ads but the significant difference between the two is that, unlike a product shopping ad that shows a single item for sale, a showcase shopping ad groups a specified range of products together which allow the campaign to promote different types of products. Also, in terms of appearance, showcases show less than product shopping ads but allow users to browse products before clicking the link and have greater reach.

Call Only Ads

One of the most used google campaign types Call-only ads are similar to regular text ads but allow users to place a call to you directly from the Search Engine Report Page. They are mostly run on mobile devices to promote phone calls which can be a factor to run according to your convenience say during operating hours or 24/7. Though they have similar features to regular text ads such as headlines and descriptions, call-only ads run differently from extensions that only provide for adding a phone number. Call-only ads prompt a user to make a call directly to your business line while text ads lead the user to a landing page.

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