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6 Ways to Send and Receive Business Cards


Business cards continue to be a neat means of making new contacts. Here is how to send business cards to your phone and receive them.

It may appear like a practice in the 20th century to send and receive business cards. But mix it with your phone, and you may manage your whole contact with a sophisticated tool.

There is still an old way to send and receive your cards through the phone. However, today you can make your networking efficient owing to the flood of business card scanning applications on the App Store. Let us examine the many methods by which your phone sends and receives business cards.

Send Via vCards

With a Virtual Card, you can quickly provide business contact information (vCard). First, in the Contacts app on your iPhone, update your current contact information. Follow the easy instructions below;

  • Open contacts. Open contacts at the bottom of your info card select Share Contact.
  • You can generate a vCard file easily.
  • Now, you’ll have to share it with another user or as a text message with AirDrop. You may share it with WhatsApp, Mail, Slack, or any other application that you may share.
  • The receiver of your “card” can open the address book and enter your contact details. Moreover, it accepts all vcards in digital address books.
  • Press the vCard attachment and then tap New Contact when you get a vCard from a contact. Does the person already have new info in your Contacts app? Tap Add Contact to Existing, then tap the name of the contact.
  • A vCard is essential and can accomplish its purpose. However, you may go even farther if the professional networking toolset includes a business card and contact management software.

Use Business Card Apps

A vCard is fast and convenient, but a business card doesn’t look like it. Business experts still use business cards since they are a message for the brand too.

There is also no manual requirement for you to put all the info on your iPhone if someone gives you a business card. These excellent business card applications can assist you in recognizing optical character (OCR). Now, you can easily create your free digital business card online.

Microsoft Office Lens

Not everybody requires a separate business card and contact administration application. If this is you, you can examine two more options.

Microsoft Office Lens is a multifunctional scanning program with a special scanning mode for business cards. The scanner will identify the card edges, capture an image, straighten it out and store it in the Photo Library or OneNote on your telephone.

OneNote uses OCR to extract contact information and provides you with the option of sending it to your contacts. The edge detection is top-of-the-line, and the digitalized business card. In English, Spanish, German, and Simplified Chinese, Office Lens support business cards.


Evernote Premium function is business card scanning. However, on a free plan, you may scan five cards as a test. Start the iOS app for Evernote. Click on and hold the big Plus (+) button and choose a new picture to add a message.

When you put Evernote on a contrasting surface, you know the size of the business card. The card extracts data from the photo and Evernote.

As a Business Card Note, Evernote stores every scanned card. The Note has the contact information fields with a card photo and any other messages. An Evernote reminder will notify you to touch the contact base later.

You can select to email contact information to your network if it is your business card.

Evernote also provides an Evernote Scannable specialized scanning application. Log in and begin scanning using your business account. Now all the major applications for the mobile scanner are used as the standard for scanning business cards. You’re not going to make decisions.

CamCard Business Card Scanner

The CamCard application is a popular rapid scanner that lets you digitize or scan cards one at a time. Sixteen languages are supported.

You may add additional comments and reminders to the contact information to manage a vast network. If you move employment or receive a promotion, you may tell anyone in your network. The same thing may be done by others who use the app.

In the program, you may create and send personalized business cards by SMS, Facebook, WhatsApp, etc. Features such as Card Radar and Private Group might help you swap cards quickly if you encounter a large group.

CamCard retains safe contact info in the cloud so that all devices may access it when requested.

 ABBYY Business Card Reader

Have you a significant foreign customer? Then your best alternative is the ABBYY Business Card Reader. The OCR program includes 25 languages to recognize names, corporate names, telephone numbers, and email addresses. You may even read in one card up to three languages.

Importing the data of your business card onto your iPhone is easy and exact.

The scanner removes the bottom clutter and captures a clear picture. Even when not available on paper, one of his distinctive qualities is to complete missing pieces like country codes. You may assemble all of the information in a single location by connecting to your contact’s Facebook and LinkedIn pages when you are accessible.

They keep the data in the contacts of your iPhone or the digital storage of the program itself. Bring it as a picture, an email, or a vCard to exchange card information. The free version sponsored by the ad restricts to 10 cards. Upgrade with a subscription plan to the premium edition.


You can make a meaningful message with a professionally designed business card. You can tailor your card for your approach using this contact management software. But the first handshake goes beyond excellent partnerships.

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