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5 Benefits of a Surveillance System

No matter who you are or what you do, security should be at the top of your list of concerns. After all, the US is currently in the midst of a surge in violent crime, as well as a rise in theft and vandalism across virtually every corner of the country. To help keep your home, your family, and your place of business safe in uncertain times, you need a robust surveillance system.

The best surveillance system will help you keep tabs on your loved ones and your property, as well as deter would-be criminals. To keep you and your family safe and secure, read on to find out why everyone needs a surveillance camera system in 2021.

1. Prevent Crime

The facts speak for themselves. By every single conceivable metric, a video surveillance system deters criminals and prevents crime. In fact, properties with a visible camera system in place are at least 50% less likely to get burgled than one that does not. This is a simple and affordable way to instantly make your home or place of business a safer place to be.

2. A Surveillance System Makes People Feel Safer

Security is not just about protection, but also peace of mind. This is where a surveillance system can have a huge impact. It has been consistently shown that customers and residents feel a lot safer when they know that there is a security system in place. This is simply because most people are aware of just how effective security cameras are at keeping criminals away.

3. Surveillance Technology is More Advanced

These days, it is important to note just how far surveillance technology has come and how much more effective it is at keeping your and your family safe. For example, you can invest in a mobile telescopic tower or a wall mast that allows you to surveil vast distances and see around multiple corners. You can add sensors to your cameras that will alert you and the authorities whenever suspicious activity is near. The days of grainy CCTV footage are long gone.

4. Monitor Your Property From Anywhere

Did you know that you do not need to be anywhere near your property or your place of business in order to keep tabs on them? These days, any quality surveillance system comes with reliable mobile technology. This allows you to use your smartphone to instantly and remotely access all of your camera feeds. You no longer need to be home in order to keep it safe.

5. Keep Your Insurance Premiums Down

In case you were not aware, insurance companies charge lower premiums to those that represent a lower risk. It’s why businesses in safer neighborhoods will often pay lower premiums, or why older drivers often pay less. For this same reason, businesses and homes with a surveillance system can often expect to pay less on their insurance premiums, saving some serious cash over the years.

Simple Tips for Safer Living

A surveillance system is just one simple way to live safer in 2021. For more tips and tricks on keeping you, your family, and your assets secure, we have got you covered. Make sure to consult our daily Lifestyle guides for tips on safer, stress-free living.

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