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Tips to Choose the Perfect Cricket Bat

It is not easy to choose the perfect cricket bat. In fact, the task can be overwhelming once you walk into a sports store just to see a large number of bats lined up from edge-to-edge. How to know which one will perform the best? Will it last the longest? Is the one I like affordable? Well, here are some tips to help you overcome the complications of buying the perfect bat. These tips will help you to make the best decision:

The Budget

This is important. Having a budget set before walking into one of the chosen stores will help narrow down the possible options. Additionally, the bat specialists will offer you the choices within your price range. Although price is not the major determining factor when buying a bat, it should be seriously considered.

Bats are available in varied ranges. There are different models, shapes, and sizes to choose from. So in case, you are interested in using a specific style and shape of the bat, keeping a budget in mind will help the store to offer you options within your range.

Shape of Bat and Play Style

Did you know manufacturers of bat create cricket bats with varying profiles, sweet spots, edges, scallops, etc. These aspects will affect the performance of the bat and as per the play style/experience of the player. Since it may be hard to know which one is the best, reaching out to bat specialists at online and offline stores will help you in this process.

Many bats are specifically designed for all styles of cricket. For instance, the can be used to play ODIs, T20, and Test matches. However, players can also go for bats tailored to specific game styles such as T20 cricket.

It is crucial for a player to determine the way they play the game. Categorizing themselves as front-foot dominant, back-foot dominant etc. will help in making the best choice. Specialist and the best bat company in this field also design bats with the sweet spot positioned in a fashion to increase overall value of stroke play.

For instance, if a player prefers playing off the front-foot, the bat can be designed with the sweet spot positioned as mid-to-low. On the other hand, for a player with preference to play off the back-foot, the bats have sweet spot positioned as mid-to-high.

The Weight

Weight and pickup are also crucial factors to consider. Going for a bat that is too heavy or too light will affect your performance. This is a crucial factor to be considered for juniors. Getting your hands on the biggest bat may not help you hit the ball further. You should be strong enough to get the shots appropriately. On the other hand, investing in a bat that is too light can hamper your potential. Hence, it is important to emphasize more on the pickup of a bat than its weight.

Perfect Pickup

It is a dream of all players to have a bat with a colossal profile and low weight! However, this is rare. A lot has been said and written about the potential of heavier bats with gigantic profile to hit the ball further. However, the specialists may not agree with this. A lighter bat comes with smaller thickness profile and edge.

Additionally, a player’s physique and strength plays a crucial role in choosing the right bat. Interestingly, most people cannot tell the difference between bats that vary only slightly in weight. For instance, it is not easy to differentiate between bats weighing 2.7 lbs. and 2.8 lbs! Hence, it is important to choose one that feels right for you.


Did you know there are around five different grades of willow used for making bats? Grade 1 is known to be the best performing willow. It comprises of around 8-10 grains. It will also have exceptionally few or almost no blemishes on the face. Grade 5 is used for constructing the cheapest bats. These have around 4-5 grains and more stains on the face.

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