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5 tips to keep horse riding safe for young children

The dream of many girls and boys is horse riding! Riding training also an educational and fun sport for children. But while grooming and riding a horse is a great experience for kids, it also comes with risks. Safety must come first. With care and attention, however, it is easy to instill respect for the dangers without scaring children and spoiling their fun. And although the riding cap essential is just one aspect, there are still more precautions to take.

By establishing basic rules from the start, using the right set and equipment, and ensuring that children are fully aware of all the problems, horse riding can be a safe and fun experience for all ages.

The basics: the right equipment

Obviously, good guidance during riding sessions and when handling the horse or pony is a must. Go to a good riding school and inquire about the possibilities. Furthermore, it goes without saying that the material must also be in order. Wearing a suitable riding cap, wearing riding gloves, and having the correct saddle are necessary to keep children safe while riding.

However, there are also some important things that children should know when spending time with horses or ponies. Here are even more safety tips for kids on how to behave best when handling horses.

Teach children to avoid the blind spots of a horse

Horses do not have good vision and blind spots, especially at the front of their head. So children have to learn early on that it is very dangerous to approach a horse’s head. Instead, they should always approach the animal’s shoulder. Anyone standing in the blind corner of a horse can make it startle and run, which can of course be very dangerous.

Children should also be taught never to dive under a horse’s neck, as the horse may not see and startle them. Unfortunately, children tend to go under horses, so it is very important that they understand the dangers from the start. Children often want to sit or crawl on the floor, but in the area around horses they must understand that the horse may not be able to see them, so it is important that they stand upright with a horse at all times.

Do not run away from the horse

Horses love to play and hunt and when a child runs away from them they think it’s time to play and chase which can be dangerous. Children should look at the horse and move back so that they can keep their eyes on the animal and show the horse that they are not playing, but are leaving the field. If a child slowly deteriorates, the horse will think that their prey is easy to catch and will, therefore, be less likely to take action to hunt, reducing the risk of danger and possible accidents.

Learn to understand the horse’s body language

Teach the child the meaning of holding the horse’s ears back. When a horse holds its ears back, it means the horse is upset or angry, so it is important that children understand this warning. Children are generally good at understanding body language, so they will have no trouble understanding this signal from a horse.

Pro Tip: It’s good to be a good horse name and he must be familiar with that. The rider can call his name to normalize him whenever he passes a signal of upsetness or his anger.

Learn the dangers of ropes, belts, and reins

Children must understand the danger of the horse’s rope wrapped around their hands or arms when holding a horse. Any rope or bridle around fingers, arms, or hands can cause breakage or serious injury if the horse is startled and the rope is pulled taut. The same is true when leading a horse. Children should never hold the horse by its halter – they should always use a rope and hold the loose bundle of rope in their palm, not wrapped around them.


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