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5 Essential Swim Gears every Swimmer should have

If you think a swimsuit brief and a pair of goggles are the only things you need for a serious swim, think again.

Once you scan the pool deck during a swim practice, you’ll definitely learn otherwise. Of course, you will find plenty of littered swimming bags that are loaded up with equipment everywhere. From spare goggles and personalised swim caps to water bottles and miscellaneous snacks, your pool deck is beginning to look a lot like a yard sale, isn’t it?

Whether you go to the pool to gain fitness, try a low-impact sport to recover from an injury, or tackle a triathlon this summer, you need to make sure you’re completely geared-up for a smoother pool workout. After all, the swimsuit that works for you on the beach might fall off when you’re paddling in the pool. I bet that seems very unflattering for a serious swimmer like you. 

So, we decided to round up everything you need for an ultimate swim gear starter kit. Luckily, these items do not seem too pricey. But even if they do, imagine how you can avoid some costly pitfalls if you just prepare properly for a water workout. 

List of Essential Swim Gears every Swimmer should have  

Mesh Bag

Trust us when we say you will never want to take all the gears without a mesh bag to carry and keep them safe and sane during a swim practice. Some mesh bags are available in a ventilation feature that can handle soggy swimsuits and damp towels without causing a huge mess, such as mold smell, inside your bag. For less than 20 dollars, you can choose a mesh bag with enough pockets to organize your gears and equipment.  

Solid Latex Swim Cap

Choosing the right swim cap is leading to a tough debate among consumers. While some swimmers prefer smooth silicone swim caps, others opt for those that are made of latex or rubber. People like smooth silicon because it does not catch on hair as much as the latex caps do; however, it tends to slide off easily. Hence, for a serious water workout or competition, use a solid latex swim cap to avoid sliding off in the middle of a hard set.    

Polarised Swim Goggles

A pair of goggles plays a very important role in swimming. It’s like something you can’t swim without because (1) a clearer vision in the water is a key to winning and (2) it gives you more power to improve your agility and movement while in the water. And for that, it makes plenty of sense to invest an extra money on a well-fitting pair of goggles that provide comfort and stay in place even while getting smacked by churning water during a triathlon.

Lap Counter 

Not a fan of counting in your head? Consider a lap counter device. This equipment is worn like an index finger ring so that you can easily press the counter by using your thumb for every lap. You can also use your smart watch as a great alternative to a lap counter device. Any of an Apple Watch Series 2 or later has a smartwatch health’s application that is able to count laps.  

Hand Paddles

Hand paddles can take you one step ahead of the game with its ability to transform your hands into paddles as if you have become a frog with webbed fingers. This swim gear prop also helps you determine the most effective hand position to speed up through the water. It comes in different sizes and adjustable straps so make sure you choose something that fits your hands well.  

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