Stuck Pipe Issues Can Plague Oil Drilling Companies

Pipe Issues

When you’re drilling and using oil wells, a stuck pipe can shut down an entire operation. It’s costly and aggravating, and it could take significant time to correct if you don’t have the right tools and equipment. That’s why you want to have professionals on your side who can correct the issue before it gets worse. Then, you can get things moving again and keep your crew working efficiently for the duration of time that the pipe is being used, and the well is needed.

Cutting Torches to Get Pipes Moving

While it’s sometimes possible to get a pipe loose without extreme measures, that’s usually not the case. That’s why cutting torches are so commonly used to get everything freed up and moving more smoothly again. If a pipe is fully stuck, it has to be freed. Otherwise, production grinds to a halt, and nothing gets done at all. That can mean missed deadlines, frustration, and even the potential for damage to the pipe or other equipment. A cutting torch can solve the issue quickly.

Pyro Torches Work in Most Conditions

Much like more standard cutting torches, pyro torches are also good choices to free a stuck pipe and focus on what’s next. These torches will provide the annular flow that’s required before cutting and also offer reliable punches in drill pipe, coil tubing, and casing. That means a safer job done right and done fast. Getting back to work is the ultimate goal because spending a lot of time to fix a problem means time away from the actual drilling and extracting processes.

Measurements to Identify Problem Areas

Companies like Renegade WLS that offer services to address stuck pipes and other oil well and drilling issues know that accurate measurements are also crucial. To address a stuck pipe, you need to know exactly where it’s stuck and where any further problems could arise. Finding the areas that have issues is required before proceeding, and you can only do that with reliable measurements you can trust.

Get Back to Drilling Quickly and Efficiently

The key to addressing any kind of issue with stuck pipes is getting the problem handled efficiently. Then you can get back to drilling, which is the reason you’re there. Without the right measurements and tools, though, you may not be able to efficiently correct stuck pipes. Many oil companies choose to contract with professionals who handle this service, freeing up their time to address other areas of the business