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Best Tyre Brands in India

Tyre industry in India is even more growth and there are almost 60 tyres manufacturing Companies situated all over the world. The well-known tyre companies in India includes best tyre brands in India are Asian Tire Factory, Birla Tyres, Balkrishna Industries, and Falken Tyres.

Types of Tyre Markets in India

Vehicles in India are categorized into different groups. These comprise taxable and non-taxable vehicles.

Those are free from taxes usually comprise vehicles used for agricultural purposes and various types of commuter transportation such as bicycles, buses of state-owned schools.

However, every vehicle needs tyres. Therefore, in India, there are three tyre markets.

1. OEM & Replacement: These comprise of manufacture and dealing with new tyres for assemblage-line fitting on vehicles.

2. Unregulated: The unregulated tyre market in India is particularly comprised of people and small firms that import new tyres, usually from inexpensive markets such as China and countries of Far East Asia for sale within the given geographic region.

3. Used Tyres: Sorry to say, this is a flourishing business in India. People and junk retailers purchase second-hand tyres from different sources.

They comprise second-hand tyres traded-in for a price cut while purchasing new ones, those taken off vehicles damaged in accidents or sold as scuff as well as tyres from discarded automobiles.

Despite these, India has a highly developed tyre manufacturing companies.

Here we look at top tyre companies in India

MRF Tyres

MRF or Madras Rubber Factory is the leading companies of tyres in India, it’s headquartered in Chennai. The company sells tyres at Kottayam in Kerala, Perambalur in Tamil Nadu and two services in Chennai.

MRF first initiated producing Nylon tyres and also was the first Indian tyre business to sell abroad tyres to the USA, now also produces a range of tyres for cars, two-wheelers, trucks, buses and tractors.

CEAT Tyres

Ceat Tyres Company is one of the top-notch tyre manufacturers that offer tyres for cars, two-wheelers, trucks and buses. The manufacturer is also the hitting support of cricketers and produces tyres for a variety of types of vehicles.

Apollo Tyres

Apollo Tyres is one of the largest tyre companies in India and has four industrialized units all over the world. The company also produce tyres for two-wheelers and lift trucks from a new factory in Andhra Pradesh. PTL Enterprises and manufacturing situated at Kalamassery in Kerala achieved by Apollo Tyres and became an associate firm.

JK Tyres

JK Tyre Industries has its headquartered in New Delhi and it has manufacturing units situated at nine hubs in India. The company captured Tornel tyre Mexican company and now having with 10 manufacturing units in India.

TVS Tyres

TVS Srichakra is a leading two and three-wheeler tyre Manufacturer Company in India and newly introduced two new scooter tyre patterns all over the country.

Bridgestone Tyres

Bridgestone Corporation is the biggest manufacturer of tyres in the world with manufacturing units in several countries and India as well. Bridgestone offers 30 tyre designs for different traveller car and SUV to carry out the excellent when you need them most.

Michelin Tyres

Michelin is a popular French tyre company and second-leading tyre manufacturer in the world. Michelin India offers a vast range of tyres for cars, SUVs and many more.

Goodyear Tyres

Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company is a famous and large tire company and also popular for the Goodyear Blimp. The company has units in Aurangabad and Ballabhgarh of India.

Continental Tyres

Continental AG is based in Hanover of Germany and one of leading and largest tire manufacturers in the world with Research and Development sites in India.

Pirelli Tyres

Pireli offers tyres for cars, motorcycles and bicycles, a clean tyre manufacturing company.

Metro Tyres

Metro Tyres is one of the most eminent tyre manufactures in India that exports bicycle tyres and tubes from India beside it also manufactures motorcycles, scooters and three-wheelers tyres.

Metzeler Tyres

Metzeler is a motorcycle Tyre manufacture from German and also formed a wide range of rubber and plastic products.


Yokohama a top-class brand of Tyre that offers excellent quality tyres to the customers in the world, The Japanese Yokohama Rubber Company is accessing into the Indian market rapidly.

BKT Tyres

BKT Tires or Balkrishna Industries produces off-highway tires for weighty equipment vehicles sections of mining and agriculture. Balkrishna Industries is a top and prominent in the worldwide Off-Highway tire market and dedicated to always offering most excellent quality.

Dunlop Tires

Dunlop Tires brand is possessed by Dunlop India Ltd but in most of the nations, Dunlop brand of tyres possessed by a wide range of companies and run by Goodyear Tire and Sumitomo Rubber Industries. The company is committed to racing tyres, motorcycle and travelling car tyres.

These are all renowned Tyre brands in India.

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