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Types of Leather Jackets that Look Best on Every Occasion

Certain clothing items can make anyone look good, even on a bad day; a classy leather jacket is one of them. Leather jackets make you look exclusive and provide a long-lasting and durable option that most clothes don’t; this durability makes a leather jacket much more stylish and practical than other outerwear items.

Leather jackets have been trending among men for over a decade now; their infamous versatility and classy appeal are unparalleled. The reason why men love leather jackets is that they help in producing a masculine vibe. However, if your goal is to achieve that unfiltered masculinity and finesse, you need to make sure that you wear the right kind of leather jacket.

A Brief History

Leather has been around since the beginning of time, and it has always been used to make clothes as it provides extra protection and warmth. The evolution of leather as a clothing material caused the origin of the first leather jacket. Initially, leather jackets were issued to U.S. air force pilots during WWI. After that, these jackets started gaining recognition and moved from practical applications to fashionable ones. Since they arrived in the fashion world, leather jackets have developed according to different
styles and look. This evolution has brought forward a large variety of leather jackets; these styles provide plenty of options for men. Having a lot of options is good in most cases, but it can turn out to be overwhelming too, which is why today we bring you ten types of leather jackets that would look best on every occasion.

Bomber Jackets

Bomber jackets were one of the first leather jackets ever made because they inspired classic flight jackets. Bomber leather jackets are one of the simplest types of outerwear you can have in your wardrobe. If you want to go for an elegant and sophisticated look, bomber leather jackets should be your go-to. These jackets are suitable for all ages and look good on all occasions, including formal ones. They have a front zipper and a loose midsection. The cuffs, neck collar, and waist are generally fitted with knitted fabric, so the jacket looks well equipped in the places it should be. The elastic material in the knitted fabric helps keep the jacket close to the body and protects you from the cold breeze entering your body. The blue leather jacket provides a crisp and refined look; however, the primarily black and brown colors are also appreciated.

Flight Jackets

Like we mentioned earlier, the initial purpose of making leather jackets was to provide warmth and added strength to the pilots. Flight jackets are much like bomber jackets, but what separates the two is the large shirt-like collars in flight jackets; these are also equipped with pockets to provide added functionality for the pilots. Flight jackets are also called aviator jackets because they are worn mainly by pilots; however, they can also be worn by anyone as they look highly handsome on most occasions. This jacket is primarily available in sheepskin as it provides more warmth, but you can also find it in thick cowhide material as well as soft lambskin. Flight Jackets also come in many colors, but you would mostly see them in the traditional brown stain as it was the original and official color of jackets created by the U.S. air force.

Racer Jackets

As the name suggests, these jackets are made for racers; however, their transparency makes them highly suitable to be worn at any event. These were initially developed for bike racers, and the material used to create a racer jacket is extraordinarily tough so that the bikers get protection against road abrasion. It is also made sure that the jackets are light and comfortable
so that the biker can move quickly. This jacket is perfect for any classy event; however, if you think the simplicity is turning out to be boring, you can wear it with an added hooded sweatshirt or upper. The best thing about this jacket is that it comes in almost every color.

Biker Jackets

One of the most iconic leather jackets is the biker jacket; you should go with a biker jacket if you want to acquire everyone’s attention. This jacket’s purpose is almost the same as the racer jacket because it is made for bikers and is mainly worn by bikers to provide them benefits. These jackets are slim fit and have an asymmetrical front zipper which makes the whole coat
look asymmetrical. Biker jackets are explicitly made to strike everyone’s fancy, and that party is mainly covered by the vast lapel-style collar and numerous pockets and zippers. Black color looks the best on these jackets; however, you can also find red and brown. The best occasions to wear these jackets on would be concerts and parties.

Shearling Leather Jackets

A shearling jacket can be any leather jacket with fur inside; the fur provides more warmth and comfort to the wearer. The best thing about these is that you don’t have to wear thick inner layers and accessories around your neck; the fur covers everything. Shearling leather jackets are best for every occasion because they make your outfit look luxurious.

Leather Blazers

Leather jackets are exceptionally versatile and can be worn on any casual and semi-formal event; however, if you want something smooth and polished for a formal occasion, you should go with leather blazers. These are jackets but look like coats because they don’t have a front zipper; instead, they come with one or two front buttons. This jacket is mainly made with sheepskin and goatskin; the colors are primarily dark colors such as brown, black and white.

Distressed Leather Jackets

It has been noted that psychologically men who look rough with their appearance are considered more masculine. Things such as ragged clothing and grown beards play a massive role in making a man look rugged. The distressed leather jackets are based around the same idea as they are dyed to look aged and worn out. If you wear it with fitting jeans and shoes, you will stand out from the crowd. However, you don’t need to buy textured jackets to achieve this look; you can also utilize your old leather jackets.

Quilted Leather Jackets

Quilted leather jackets look exceptionally well when paired with tailored dark blue jeans; they are specially made to provide a rugged and masculine look. However, it is vital to know that quilted is not a style, but the design in which jackets have solid stripes on shoulders and arms, so you get a broader look.

Field Jackets

Field jackets are inspired by jackets that are made for military men or police officers. These jackets are made in such a way that they have enough space inside them for military uniforms. You can also utilize this space for more layers in freezing weather. A fantastic and unique thing about these jackets is that they have four pockets on the front.

Leather Trench Coats

If you want more coverage and a staggering look, then you should go with leather trench coats. These are called coats but these fall in the jacket category. Although the height of these coats is below the waist, trench coats also come in several sizes. Trench coats also come in various styles, such as some of them have collars whereas others have long lapels. An impressive thing
about the leather trench coat is that they have lots of buttons and additional pockets on the insides. Some of the colors in a trench coat are beige, brown, brown, and black.

Final Note

These were some of the best types of leather jackets you can wear on every occasion; however, you should know that it is not definite that these jackets would look best on you. The best way to look good on every occasion is by buying something that suits your personality and brings out your best side; you should also stay confident and not shy away from experimenting.

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