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Top ideas about commercial kitchen countertops

Choose commercial countertop material based on the needs of your activity. So, different elements offer different uses and benefits. Specific countertop material options are fully suited to certain settings than others. You have the right to design your kitchen countertops in any style, shape, or color you choose. So, find out the best countertop materials suitable for commercial projects.

Your kitchen’s overall design should be held.

For example, food prep might be challenging if you use soft countertop materials as they are more sensitive to scraping and cutting. So let’s discuss some of the most common materials for countertops in commercial spaces.

Quartz commercial countertop:

Quartz is an attractive option for commercial spaces. This is because it looks and feels like natural stone, like granite or even marble. However, quartz is engineered for long-lasting durability.

Quartzite is a mixture of quartzite and other natural stones that has been bonded together with resin. As a result, when you buy kitchen countertops made of this material, they are beautiful and durable. So, quartz can be cheaper in some cases, and it will always retain its beautiful color.

Granite commercial countertop:

Granite is a trendy choice for commercial spaces, as it is a natural and luxurious stone. However, granite is expensive and requires regular sealing to protect it. So, if you’re looking for multiple pieces of the same color, it can be challenging to find them all.

Butcher blocks commercial countertop:

Its rustic appeal has made butcher block a popular choice in recent years. It is made of a mixture of wood slabs that have glue together to form a flat surface. So, kitchen countertops or food preparation surfaces can make from this. Butcher block is a beautiful material that can use in commercial spaces. However, the material often doesn’t withstand heavy traffic. It can be sealed or unsealed.

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Solid surface commercial countertop:

A solid surface is a cost-effective option for natural stone for commercial spaces. It can be made of different shapes, such as sinks or tubs, shelves, desks, and even bathtubs. While this material is less natural than quartz, it can still mimic natural stones like granite and marble. Unfortunately, while it’s a strong surface, there are still accidents. However, certified solid surface repair specialists can repair any damage to your countertop or fabrication chips.

What do you think of the four commercial countertops?

Solid surface countertops offer clear advantages over granite, butcher block, and quartz. So, quartz is highly durable and can withstand wear and wear-and-tear in commercial spaces. Solid surfaces are also an option that can use to create unique designs.

Ideas for commercial kitchen countertops design:

These are some of the ways you can incorporate solid surface countertops and quartz into your commercial space.

1. Dramatic display:

You can create a stunning centerpiece for your reception with quartz. Quartz can use in many ways, not just for countertops. For example, you can make “waterfall” countertops and other fabrications to add personality to your commercial space.

2. Vintage flair:

Quartz countertops in Wisconsin don’t have to limit to residential kitchens. They can be used as a bar for trendy restaurants! So, the clean lines of quartz’s natural stone-inspired patterns are sure to please your guests. 

3. Beige bliss:

One of the most frequented areas in commercial spaces is the bathroom. For a more elegant and durable restroom, you can choose a simple quartz design. So, quartz, one of the most durable substances on the planet, is the best material to use for your company’s bathrooms.

4. Welcoming reception:

Customers often see the reception desk first when they enter a commercial space. With a solid surface custom-fabricated reception desk, you can make a statement. So, it not only looks great but is also strong enough to withstand guests’ writing and leaning on the surface.

5. Creative curves:

You don’t have to limit yourself to just square slabs with a solid surface. So, these soft edges will open up the space and contrast well with the sharp angles of the wooden-framed offices. A solid surface is limitless!

6. Bold and beautiful:

They come in different thicknesses and cut into any shape you desire. For example, a solid surface countertop paired with dark wood will create a striking accent in your commercial bathroom.

7. Charming and elegant:

It is impossible to build the space you want with certain materials. However, a solid surface can create the entire display area with all the parts you desire. So, you will find the beautiful edges of these beauty counter displays.


To find the best kitchen goods, it is essential to think about your needs and what you are doing in the kitchen for your commercial kitchen countertop. Above mentioned, materials like quartz, granite, and solid surface are helpful for commercial kitchens. However, laminate countertops are not compatible with commercial kitchens with under-mount sinks. Backsplashes can look great, but be aware of how much additional space you’ll need if your countertop doesn’t match your backsplash.

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