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Top 10 Brands for Kids Clothing in India

Selecting clothes for babies can be complicated. The clothes need to be of such fabric and fitting that does not annoy or lead to uneasiness to the baby. There are multiple children’s brands for clothing in India that offer an amazing variety of baby clothes.

Mists of the parents have insufficient knowledge of kids clothing brands due to which they omit on good products. To assist those parents out.

Here are the Best Kids Clothing Brands in India:

Gini & Jony

Gini & Jony is perhaps the most popular kids clothing brand in India. Gini & Jony offer a vast array of unisex kids wear meant at kids aged from 1 to 16 year old.

Gini & Jony at present over 250 stores all over India. Gini & Jony offers a variety in kids’ apparel. Whether jeans or formals, Gini & Jony brought for you. Gini & Jony do not have a delivery sit of their own. Their clothing, however, can be purchased online off of online shopping websites from Amazon, Myntra, Ajio etc.


Lilliput is another famous kidswear brand in India. Lilliput offers a huge variety of kids clothing like t-shirts, jeans, shirts, sweaters, cardigans etc. The clothes are offered in multiple fabrics such as cotton, nylon, wool etc. Lilliput has more than 300 official stores all over India and more than 10 stores overseas as well.

Little Kangaroos

Little Kangaroos is a leading kidswear distributor in India. Little Kangaroos’ major spotlight has been infants and toddlers. But they manufacture all type of clothes for kids up to 10-year-old. They offer clothing for both boys and girls. You can choose every type of kidswear at Little Kangaroos; occasional, casual, formal, summer, winter, and others.

Cartoon Network

Without a doubt, cartoons are favourites for children. Cartoons have been a huge part of the childhood of every age group; present or past. Cartoon Network particularly has been a great part of the cartoon scene. Cartoon Network sells official products of different roles they have made eventually.

Kids love cartoons and they fall in love to wear clothes that feature their desired characters. It comprises t-shirts, shorts, jackets, sweaters etc. 


KapKids is the kidswear sub-brand of Kapsons. Kapkids offers a wide range of kidswear for both boys and girls. It includes both formal and casual wear. Kapkids always has attention on style factor too. You can buy t-shirts, jeans, skirts, shorts, joggers, leggings, blazers, jackets, shrugs, jumpsuits every type of apparel from Kapkids.


Cucumber is the oldest kidswear brand in India. Cucumber targets the market of three groups. From newborns ageing up to 6 months, infants to age between 1 to 2 years. The third demographic is tots from age 3 to 5 years old.

Cucumber also has a Cucufun sub-brand that offers products for kids of ages from 3 to 16 years. Cucumber offers clothing for summer and winter wear for kids. The clothing is tops, shorts, bloomers, vests, singlets, frocks, nightsuits etc. Cucumber is renowned for its best quality and safety.

Skip Hop

Skip Hop is an internationally renowned brand associated with kids. It sells a huge range of kids products before just kids clothes.

These products comprise diapers, walkers, toys, baby scooters, bathtubs, chairs, and more. Other products consist of lunch boxes, water bottles, diaper changing mats etc. Skip Hop also retails soothers, pacifiers and sleep aids.


Chicco is another internationally known brand that is known for products aimed for babies. Chicco too sells a huge variety of kids’ related products. It also comprises skincare and other health-related items.

There offer baby feeding aids such as feeding bottles, breast pumps, disinfectants, and many more. Other feeding products comprise feeding bibs, spoons, cups, crumb catchers etc. Meal chairs are up for sale as well.

Pinkcow Fashions

Pinkcow is another popular brand that has gradually and progressively created a name for itself after a while. Pinkcow was built by Pratima Anand who is a well-known fashion designer. Pinkcow’s clothing line includes clothes exclusively for young girls.

Pinkcow is a designer dress tag. It offers a massive collection of fashion-related dresses. It consists of party dresses, designer dresses, formal dresses etc. There is a separate compilation of traditional Indian dresses as well. Pinkcow also has girls’ accessories such as hairbands, handbags, pendants etc.

Nee & Oink

Nee & Oink is a kidswear brand introduced by sisters Neelakshi and Oiendrila Ray. Nee & Oink was built to incorporate state-of-the-art modern fashion into kidswear. Over time Nee & Oink has transformed into a popular kid’s fashionwear brand. Nee & Oink is a luxury clothing brand that sells stylish clothes for both boys and girls.

Their collections of the Indian dresses are available such as kurtas, lehengas, dhotis etc. 

These are all top kidswear’ brand in India.

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