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Responsibilities Of Each Family Member- Beginning Of Life With Endless Love

Everyone has a heavenly and peaceful place called a house where a group of people who have some relation survive. That group is known to be a family.

Every person in a family depends on each other in some or another way. The love, passion for Family is always special and different from other relationship. A family always builds a future by providing wonderful values of living a life obediently and independently.

Family members are always connected hearty with each other, and they are the only person we love the most and do fight most of the time. This is proved that the person you love, share your feelings with them, may participate in any manner.

Family is only the well-wishers with whom we can take suggestions for every decision of our life. They care for us and also think more for us and our future more than any other. Parents only earn money for their children without any selfishness they built your career.

Classification of family

Generally, the family is classified into 5type such as matrifocal, parfocal, conjugal, avuncular, extended, which is done by the anthropologist. A matrifocal family includes a mother and her children, parfocal includes a father and his children, a neutral family is considered a conjugal family, which includes a wife, husband, and their children avuncular includes mother, father, son, daughter with their grandparents and extended family includes a neutral family with other members of parents.

Importance of family

The coordination in the family always remains good as compared to other relationships. A family consists of Father, mother, and their children. All members in the family help each other to perform different works, which maintains the harmony and happiness of the family.

So the family members include father, mother, children and also the grandparents. Mother always takes responsibilities of each family member by looking, after all, their needs and requirements.

Father is considered as the first member of the family. He remains the head of the family, and he works hard by keeping in mind that his family members should not have any problems. He fulfills all the requirements needed by all family members.

All the heavy housework is done by their father, and he always works hard without hesitating. Mother is the second member of the family who looks all household work and keeps the house clean. He takes care of every family member and fulfills their needs, which she can. If the mother of the family is a working woman, then she is the only one who is bounded with heavy responsibilities.

She takes care of family members as well as does her job sincerely. She remains as the backbone of the family. A family without a mother is not considered a family. Out of 24 hours is spent a minimum of 12 hours at the kitchen for cooking. The most important member of the family is the grandparents, who remain as guides for the whole family.

They take big decisions related to home and guided every member of the family. Son helps father in fixing household works, and sister helps her mother in the kitchen. The children are the future of the family who should respect every member of the family.

Many people don’t have a family, so they are considered as most unlucky Person in the whole world. The people who don’t understand the importance of family can experience pain when they lose a family member.

Nowadays children don’t respect their parents and think about themselves and their future. But the thing that they forget that the parents are only the persons who invited you to his beautiful world.

They only have cherished your life with full of happiness by fulfilling all your dreams. They even never expect anything from you. So a family is always an important part of everyone’s life.

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