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15 Latest Neck Kurti Designs To Look Your Best

Traditional wear is one of the most beautiful and sought-after clothing apparel that is adorned by people, especially in a country like India. This country has a rich history of traditional outfits wherein, every region of India is represented by a specific type of clothing that is a significant indication of one’s cultural background. Kurtis for women is one such garment that is being heavily used by people across the world. 

Over time, there have been numerous innovations in the field of clothing of all types. Especially, women’s clothing has taken new routes and diversifications towards betterment. More people are now inquisitive in trying out new things that would look a little different and unconventional than the usual clothing that has been worn for so many years. Therefore, Kurtis with different designs of sleeves, neck, and body are made nowadays to add to the style statement of a person. 

Perks of having a Kurti collection for Women

When we talk about perks, the first thing that comes to our mind about clothing is comfort. A Kurti for ladies is extremely comfortable to wear, which is the most primary reason why people prefer wearing this garment in abundance. Body movement and roaming around freely becomes extremely easy once someone gets into this garb. The fact that women undergo a lot of physical and biological changes throughout their lifetime, makes them crave a garment that would provide comfort and peace to their body as well as mind. 

Women’s Kurtis is widely available in the market. This is the second perk that people look up to. Due to the easy availability of this garment, people yearn to get hold of a collection of these to wear in their daily lives. Various online, as well as offline stores, have a massive collection of Kurtis that are both stylish and comfortable. Especially nowadays, new kinds of Kurti collections are coming to the marketplace for people to buy them. 

Furthermore, there is no hassle when one is wearing this garment or is planning to wear one. Pairing it becomes easier because one can use either jeans, jeggings, leggings, or even trousers to do the same. A ladies Kurti is versatile and can be carried in the best way possible in any of the mentioned combinations. To carry a dupatta along with the outfit is completely one’s own choice and it surely adds an extra touch to the entire look. 

Last but not the least, the most interesting fact about a Kurti is the fact that it is majorly made out of the cotton fabric, predominantly in India due to the weather conditions of the country. The cotton fabric helps in keeping the body and mind cool in extreme weather situations. With new techniques and innovations coming in, Kurtis are now also made of silk, nylon, and polyester. So, one would be able to find a lot of options when it comes to a Kurti. 

Top 15 Neck Designs for Kurtis

Now let’s dive deep into the ocean of various neck designs one can get in a stylish Kurti. The list of the same is as follows: 

  1. Round Neck Design 
  2. Wrap Neck Design 
  3. Crew Neck Design 
  4. Square Neck Design 
  5. Cold Shoulder Neck Design 
  6. Keyhole Neck Design 
  7. Halter Neck Design 
  8. Off Shoulder Neck Design 
  9. Boat Neck Design 
  10. Scoop Neck Design 
  11. Mandarin Collar Neck Design 
  12. V-Neck Design 
  13. Cowl Neck Design 
  14. High Neck Design 
  15. Asymmetric Neckline Design 

Grab the latest ladies Kurtis on the official website of Bewakoof. The collection is phenomenal and on top of that, Tribe Members get an additional discount on every purchase. So, what are you waiting for? Get your collection today and decorate the closet like never before.

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