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Is 18k Gold Scratch Resistant? Everything About 18K Gold

Gold is a precious metal for jewelry purposes. No one wants to get this metal scratched even a little bit. Actually, pure gold is more prone to be scratched. Therefore, jewelers often add some other metal to make an alloy for durability purposes.

 The purest form of gold is 24 karat. What if we go downward 18k gold or 14K is the mixture of gold with other metals. 18 karat gold is the most famous and used in most jewelry, so in this article, we will discuss the 18K gold combination, durability, value, which means everything.

What Is The 18K Gold Making Process?

You should clarify that the purest form of gold is 24K, while in 18K gold, 75% of the gold jewelers use 25% of other metals like silver. The process of making this gold is time taking and needs some patience and technique.

The first thing in the making is to take out the 18th part of gold out of 24. It becomes 75% of gold. For the remaining 25%, we add palladium, copper, zinc, silver, platinum. This content also changes the color of 18K gold into white, rose gold and yellow color.

18K Gold Scratch Resistant Or Not?

Everyone who spends a good amount of money buying gold jewelry like watches, rings, necklaces or earrings wants them not to scratch or get dull. Therefore, most people have a concern about 18K gold scratchability.

We have said earlier that the purest form of gold is 24k, which is very easily scratchable. To check the test if the gold is scratchable or not, see the purity of the gold. So in 18 Karat Gold, the part of gold is more than 75%. Therefore the chance is very high that gold will get scratches with time. There is also the chance of getting dents due to low durability and toughness.

Due to getting scratches easily, 18 karat gold loses its shine and appealing element. It gives an old and dull look and needs to polish soon after some usage.

18K Gold Durability Period

Probably you have a question of how long 18 karat Gold will last durable after knowing that the 18K gold scratch easily. Well, mostly depends upon the wearer how he/she is going to use it. The style of using 18 karat gold prolong or shorten the lasting period. 

Similarly, the amount of gold used in the jewelry means the thickness also affects the durability. If the gold is thinner, it will last for a long time. Therefore, you should have a look at the design and amount of gold while purchasing. 

Clean Methods For 18K Gold Jewelry

As we said, the proper usage of gold jewelry can add life to it. When you are wearing 18K gold jewelry, use our following tips to enhance your life.

  • Self Cleaning

When you have precious jewelry like 18 karat gold and you know it will get scratches very easily, clean it properly with a routine. To clean the jewelry, use soft cotton cloth and a water bowl with a mixture of soap. Use gentle hands while cleaning, and don’t use any chemicals. Self-cleaning ensures the removal of dirt and other particles.

  • Professional Cleaning & Checkup

Once in a year, get the help of professionals to clean the 18K gold jewelry to give a new and fresh look. The yearly checkups help the gold remain in a good position without any permanent damage to the jewelry. Professional jewelers know very well how to clean an 18K Gold. They may charge some dollars for such services.

Caring Tips For 18K Gold Jewelry

We have made up some caring tips that are very fruitful if we follow the precious 18K gold jewelry.

Avoid Wearing While Doing Hard Work

It is recommended to take off the rings and other jewelry from the hand when you have to do hard work. The reason for taking off is not to get any scratch or dent to the ring as gold is prone to get damaged easily.

Wear Occasionally

Always wear when there are important occasions like weddings, birthdays, and similar events. This will keep the jewelry durable for a long time.

Store Properly

When there is no use of 18k gold, the jewelry should be stored in a proper jewelry box. Because the box has a padding of soft foam and cloth that doesn’t damage the jewelry.

Low Hypoallergenic Materials

The material that is more harmful to the skin and not recommended to use for people having allergic issues are the following.

  • Is Rose Gold hypoallergenic?

Rose gold is the most attractive and selling material in jewelry. The reason is its rosy color, durability and adjustment with the skin. However, every bright picture has some dark aspects, and the rose gold also has. As we have, the main concern here is to find skin-friendly jewelry. Therefore rose gold does not stand in the list of hypoallergenic metals. 

The reason is the alloy of copper which contains the elements of nickel that can be harmful to people having sensitive skin. So before wearing rose gold, make sure you do not have allergic issues.

  • White God Made Jewelry

Probably you have heard of or see the white gold jewelry. But we are sure most of you consider white gold and platinum as the same metal. Both of these are different as platinum is more expensive and skin-friendly. On the other hand, white gold is cheap and has a low hypoallergenic level.

White gold is also an alloy to make it strong and durable for a long time. The combination of alloy can be nickel, zinc or silver. Due to low hypoallergenic levels, people have shifted to platinum and palladium-made jewelry.

  • Copper & Bronze Hypoallergenic Level

Both copper and bronze have almost the same hypoallergenic level. As when we use these metals, they get greenish things on the skin, which people do not like. The one solution to this issue to use nail polish to make a barrier between the metal and the skin. However, if you have hypoallergenic concerns, you should not choose it as the first priority.

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