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How to properly Equip an Office Space

One of the trends followed by designers around the world today is the creation of sustainable offices. This approach is becoming more and more popular as employers understand that in healthy offices, employees are more productive and motivated.

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How to properly equip an office space to increase employee productivity

Room owners are trying to invest in the design of workspaces, as they understand that the productivity of employees directly depends on this.

The main differences between the standards:

For a building to receive a green certificate, it must earn a certain number of points that correspond to certification levels.

Thinking over the design, we tried to take into account all the “green” standards: we used live plants, installed lamps with motion sensors and economical mixers, which makes it possible to efficiently use electricity and water. The result is a healthy office that is pleasant to work in.

In the office, we used a natural floor covering – marmoleum, on the floor we put plants in pots and decorative wooden tubs.

Hanging phytomodules on wooden lamellas with living plants were installed in the corridor, and decorative lamps were hung above the table to create an atmosphere.

Effetely Furnish an Office Space to Enhance Productivity of the Workers

Ergonomic chairs were selected for the working area, which are individually adjusted to the body’s limitations. The workplaces were divided by acoustic screens made of sound-absorbing fabric upholstery with noise-suppressing filling.

When designing an office, it is vital to take into account not only the standards, but also the needs of employees, because their productivity depends on this. By adhering to the WELL Building Standard, you will be able to equip an office in which everything will be thought out to the smallest detail: from layout to materials and finishes.

How to Apply the WELL Standard in Offices

In the WELL standard, everything is aimed at maintaining good health and high productivity. WELL’s mission is to bring the topic of human health to the fore, so that future buildings do not harm either nature or people.

There are some main aspects of a healthy office to consider when designing and setting up a healthy office.


Office air quality affects the health of employees. For example, due to a poor-quality ventilation system, the content of carbon dioxide increases, which leads to headaches, distraction and irritability.

Rooms or WorkSpaces for Employees

The most important thing when arranging a room is to think over the layout, design and create the most convenient workplace. It depends on whether employees want to come to the office and how efficiently they will work there.

If earlier the office was understood as a place where they go on a schedule, now it is a space where employees should feel as good as at home. Today it is not enough to make “just a beautiful office”; employees expect comfort from it. Flexible eco-spaces are in demand, in which there are areas for communication, meetings and sports.

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