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How to Choose the Best Leaf Blower for Your Needs

A professional leaf removal service, on average, costs $330.

Like most people, you feel this service costs too much since you can do this work yourself. And that’s why you are planning to make the bold move of buying a leaf blower. With so many leaf blowers in the market, you feel it’ll be a challenge to pick the best one.

So, how can you overcome this shopping obstacle?

To help you out, here’s how to choose the best leaf blower for your needs.

Compare Different Types of Leaf Blowers

Handheld, backpack, and walk-behind are the three most common types of leaf blowers in the market. Here are some of the things to check when comparing these leaf blowers:


Consider a handheld one if you are in the market for a lightweight and versatile leaf blower. With this blower, it’s easy to get rid of small piles of leaves on your relatively small lawn.


Do you want to shop for a relatively powerful leaf blower to blow away wet leaves and twigs? Then consider a backpack leaf blower. With this blower, it’s easy to remove leaves from large fields and shops.

Run Time

For a long run-time, consider a backpack or a walk-behind leaf blower. With these blowers, it’s easy to clean large fields for long hours. The walk-behind leaf blower is more powerful than a backpack one and is ideal for large projects.

Review Power Options

When you see a sign on a leaf blower for sale, don’t check only the price; also find out the power source. You want to find whether it’s an electric, cordless, or gas leaf blower. An electric leaf blower has a cord that you plug into a power source when using it.

Due to the limited cord length, you can only use electric leaf blowers on small lawns. Consider gas or cordless leaf blower to have the freedom to undertake lawn care on a large area. If you opt for a cordless leaf blower, check weight (as some of them are bulky) and review battery run time.

Are you searching for a powerful new leaf blower? Then consider a gas leaf blower as it’s designed to blow over huge piles of leaves and debris. The only downside of a gas leaf blower is the high noise levels it produces.

So, if you buy a gas leaf blower, you may need to wear headphones to minimize the noise when using it.

Buy a Leaf Blower With Ease by Checking the Right Features

Buying a new leaf blower doesn’t have to be challenging when you know the right things to check. Start with reviewing various types of leaf blowers to decide the best one for your needs. The other thing is to check the power options and buy a leaf blower that fits your specifications.

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