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Home General Coloured Contact Lenses for Halloween – A Detailed Guide

Coloured Contact Lenses for Halloween – A Detailed Guide

A Halloween event is surely incomplete without mesmerising costumes, and thrilling makeup looks. Although creating unique makeup looks is no longer a challenging job. Almost every second person is a fashion and makeup enthusiast these days. When makeup is such a common thing, you can’t create too much difference with it, no matter how hard you try. The same is the case with Halloween events. We see everyone dressed up to their best, with faces painted like zombies and aliens. But do you think that’s enough for Halloween eve? We believe no! You need to do a little more than that to mark a difference. How about you try incorporating coloured contact lenses? They will not only make your eyes pop out a little more but enhance your overall appearance.

Choosing best-coloured contact lenses

Everything has its own appeal, so does the Halloween season. When Halloween is near, we can see everybody in the town going off the deep end. What about you? What do you do when events like Halloween or festivals are around the corner? Be that as it may, would you say you are hustling for the right reasons? In this article, we will help you sort out your Halloween eve in a manner nobody could possibly do previously. What’s your plan for the outfit and cosmetics? Whatever it is, you can adhere to it, yet that is presently how we will allow you to spend this sensational, emotional evening. We have something boggling for you that will not just flavour up the occasion for you yet make everybody become hopelessly enamoured with your imaginative psyche too.

We all know there is nothing hard to find these days. Coloured contact lenses are readily available, and you can always get your hands on a beautiful pair of contacts and play around with your looks. But isn’t choosing lenses the most challenging job? Imagine a shopkeeper handing over a catalogue to you so you can choose a shade for yourself. What happens next? Our head starts spinning because everything looks the same, and we panic. Save yourself from the trouble and choose a colour in advance. You don’t have to put yourself through difficult situations such as scrolling through a website featuring 200 coloured contact lenses. It is because it’s not only confusing but a waste of time as well!

You need to know the exact colour of contact lenses before you actually buy them. Halloween contact lenses come in various shades; some are very natural looking while the others are bizarre shades. You have to figure out yourself what you are looking for. If you want a natural look, preferably for a night event- a dinner party, you should go with natural tones such as blue, grey, green, brown, and black. But if that’s too mainstream for you, we recommend you go wild and try out red, white-out, blackout, devil red and blood-red contact lenses. Both types serve their own purpose, and it’s on you how you take advantage of them.

How can you wear white coloured contact lenses?

Wearing white contact lenses is not a simple task at all, mind that! But if you have decided on wearing them, here are a few tricks and tips for you.

  • Always purchase sclera white coloured contact lenses instead of any other, be them 17mm or 2mm lenses. It is because they provide full eye coverage and leave no blank spots behind. Also, your natural eye colour is not even slightly visible in them. However, the other regular white coloured contact lenses do not provide such good coverage. If you want to create makeup looks that require full white eyes, this is the best option for you.
  • You can create some unique looks with white coloured contact lenses without looking fake at all. The two all-time favourite and natural-looking looks are of a blind man and a dead man. Both of these characters have blank white eyes; at least, that’s what we see in movies. You can prank anyone around you by either pretending to be blind or dead. We guarantee you you’ll shock people. Their hearts are going to stop beating. Make sure you act reasonably, though, because contact lenses won’t alone do the entire job for you.
  • If you want to try something extremely out of the box, go with an all-white look. Yes- head to toe white! Wear a pure white costume, preferably a long silk gown with white shoes. After that, wear a white/grey wig and paint your face white. Remember not to put paint on your face if you are allergic to any ingredient in it. You can use a white foundation instead of it. The last step to pull off this look is to wear white coloured contact lenses. You can ace this look at a theme party, Halloween or any other festival. Embrace your look, and don’t hesitate while walking or sitting in front of a crowd. Trust us; it will be fun!

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