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Best Guitar Brands in India

Music is a tone that really soothes our mind and soul completely as well as it is the best way to put across this voice but comes through a guitar. Of course, guitar is the trendiest and popular musical instruments and is vastly used by an extensive amount of people. If you also want to buy a guitar then you can find lots of the top brands of guitar in India.

Thus, are you looking for guitars? So, we have listed some of the top guitar brands in India for novices in this post. And let’s have a look at the top guitars now.

If you are serious to learn guitar then you can look at some of the best brands of guitars as those are available for you:

List of Best Brands for Guitar in India


Yamaha is the most popular guitar brands and used mostly by professionals. They manufacture some of the best and most long-lasting electric guitars. Their acoustic guitars are also widespread among learners and professionals similarly. Yamaha is well thought-out to be one of the topmost guitar brands in India, and the world has been recognized to make some of the top products which are reliable by lots of popular musicians.


This guitar is an American brand and widely popular all over the world. It is renowned for its best sound quality. Gibson guitars come with very smaller scale length, therefore, turning out a temperate and soft sound. This is a brand quality of Gibson and that is why it is popular for its vast popularity among professional musicians, as well as it also makes it the best competitor in the top brands for guitar in India.


This guitar is from Indian brand which has designed to produce superior sound quality. It is the most gifted among all the top brands for guitar in India, as its products produces gentle sound with a vivid tone.


Donner guitars are packed with top quality hardware which is a perfect feel and provides easy better fuss way in due to its amazing cutaway. The neckline is very soft and makes it amazing for playing. This guitar is imported from the US and is built with meticulousness and utmost care.

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Fender is a top-notch brand and it provides the high-quality guitars all over the world. However, most of the well-known musicians have been playing Fender for a very long time. It is the reliable guitar brands. In this brand, guitars provide very smooth and melodious tone and are attended by single spiral pickups in spite of the common humbuckers. The guitars include an extent length of 25.5 inches.


This guitar was developed in the year 1833 by Christian Fredrick Martin as CF Martin and Company. It is widely popular for its steel strings and its smooth top guitars. Finest-quality tonewood is utilized in these guitars, and they come in different sizes like 12, 15 and 15 cord styled guitars. With the top quality sound that these guitars turn out, there is small doubt that Martin guitars are one of the top brands for guitar in India.


Seagull guitars are famous for their amazing tones and gentle playability. Seagull guitars are built in Canada and are extremely long-lasting. They are designed with greatest care and accuracy. They offer exceptional constancy and are perfect to tune. It is quite elegant and looks very awesome with its outstanding finish.

Oscar Schmidt

Oscar Schmidt guitars are built for more natural playability and accuracy. They typically have a perfect lustre finish with remarkable aesthetics. Its fretboard is specifically created for easy use, constancy and pressure-free filaments. They are available in a wide variety of colours. This is an exceptional option for those looking for stunning guitar brands in India for beginners.


Taylor Guitars mainly belong to California based American Guitar industrialized company. It is a leading guitar manufacturer in the United States of America. Taylor focuses on designing semi-concave electric and acoustic guitars. These guitars are quite easy to take around and turn out radiant sounds on high-end frequencies.


Ibanez is a Japanese guitar company and is truly well thought-out amongst the best guitar brands in India. It was the first to introduce as the 7 string guitar which is popular for their state-of-the-art techniques. This brand is used by several popular professional musicians and has some of the top guitars of the industry in its listings.

These are all best guitar brands in India.

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