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7 Biggest Turn Ons for Women

Gentlemen, if you want to justify the meaning of this word, you have to focus on every aspect of your personality. One of the most significant aspects of becoming a true gentleman that we are going to discuss today is attraction. There is a fancy term for attraction today is ‘turn on.’ The meaning of attraction is very different from individual to individual. We encounter umpteen numbers of faces every day. We tend to attract or get attracted by someone. In the case of men, it is a bit difficult to attract women. You don’t have to worry; here, we will discuss the best turn-ons for women.

Maintain hygiene

Generally speaking, men don’t maintain their personal hygiene. Even if they do, they don’t take it seriously. But the fact is women get turned on if you are well hygienic and take proper care of yourself. So, just take a closer look at yourself in the mirror and see if you look hygienic or not. The first step towards maintaining good hygiene is to take a bath daily. Also, you must regularly clean your body hair that creates unnecessary lousy odor.

A Neat and Clean Beard

One of the biggest trends of the 21st century is sporting a beard. This trend is popular among men all over the globe, and it is indeed one of the biggest turn-ons for women. But, if your facial hair looks messy and dirty, then it can have the opposite impact. Therefore, it is essential to maintain a beard after growing it as well. There is no rocket science in maintaining the beard; you just need a good shaver or a trimmer to sport a clean and tidy look. You can grab this on Best Buy Black Friday in July sale at discounted rates and look fantastic within a few minutes. The key is to keep your neck clean. 

Dressing Tidy

There is an old saying that the first impression is the last impression. It is apt for today’s world as well. Now, we are not advising you to buy the most expensive clothes to look tidy and well-dressed; you don’t have to do that. Instead, you must focus on dressing up according to the occasion and your age. For instance, you cannot wear a tuxedo to your office meeting or a casual shirt to a wedding ceremony. Also, you should wear something that makes you feel comfortable, after all, it is the most important thing.

Healthy and Fit

The next thing on the list is to be healthy and fit. Women are more attracted to relatively healthy guys. Again, we are not advising you to hit the gym and do hardcore exercises and lift the heaviest weights, but to maintain a healthy lifestyle. You can be healthy just by eating good nutritious food if you don’t intend to exercise. Also, if you don’t have too much time for workouts but still want to exercise, you can run for about 20-30 minutes. A vascular arm is one of the biggest weaknesses of any woman; you know what we mean.

Clean and Trimmed hands and toes

Another important thing that attracts women is clean hands. When you meet a woman and interact with her, one of the most under-rated things she notices in you is your hands. Thus, your hands must be neat, and your nails should be trimmed regularly. Dirty nails are one of the biggest turn-offs and say a lot about your hygiene. Similarly, your toes should also be neat and clean as well. You can do pedicures and manicures once a month to keep your hands and feet gentle and soft; it won’t affect your masculinity.

Smell Amazing

Many studies show that smell is one of the most powerful senses that any living being has. When women smell aromatic fragrances when a man passes by, it makes them notice that man. Also, when you are in an intimate moment with your girl, and she comes closer to your neck, trust us, it will have a different impact on the girl. So, a good cologne is a must-have in every guy’s wardrobe. Make sure that your fragrance should last long, and it is not fruity. This is no gender stereotype, but the fruity smell is not for men.

A Good Job

Last but not least is a good job or professional life. A working and career-oriented man has much more chances to woo a female than somebody who refrains from working and kills time either smoking, playing video games, chilling with friends, or dependent on his girl financially. Also, financial independence makes a person confident and mature to deal with various life-related problems. Moreover, a job or any other profession makes a man more stable, and it makes the relationship more committed. But, the definition of a good job or a profession varies from person to person.

Vikas Kantia
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