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6 Important Factors to Consider for Creating Custom Jersey

The jersey is perfect to represent the unity in the team! It is possible to design a perfect custom jersey for your team by following a few steps. You can design a custom jersey for a sports team, brand, fan club or business.

The custom jersey is perfect to represent the strength in a team as well as the individuality of a person. You can pick any color of your choice, font as well as design to create a perfect custom jersey for your team.

For instance, if you want to custom hockey jersey, then you can pick the color that suits your team, print it with the name of the player, logo of your team and jersey number as well. Here, in this post, we will discuss important factors to consider while designing a custom jersey for an individual for the entire team:

What points/ factors to consider for Creating Custom Jersey

1. Choose Right Fabric Material

The quality of the jersey is totally dependant on the choice of material. Well, the choice of fabric material is based on physical activity and the surrounding temperature. For cold zone, fleece lining would be a good choice to keep your body warm. For the hot area, breathable fabric will be the best option.

You should also consider your physical activity while choosing fabric material for your custom jersey.  If you want to have a custom jersey for sportswear such as custom soccer uniforms, then you should pick that material that is flexible. The high-performance fabric along with the moisture wiping feature can be a good choice for sportswear jersey.

If you want to have tracksuits, then you should look out for the richer cotton-based fabric. Not just fabric, but good quality stitching is also an important factor to consider while designing custom jersey.

2. Jersey Design

Once you have finalized the type of fabric, then the next thing to consider is jersey designing. You should design a custom jersey in such a way that every member of your team feels good. In the custom jersey, you should mention their name and lucky number as well.

You should consider the right font to print the name and jersey number. Make sure to give a personalized touch to your jersey. It is important to represent the identity of individual and brand name as well while designing your jersey.

Moreover, you can also choose to either print the design on the fabric or embroidered it. You can choose anyone to give a classy and beautiful appearance to your jersey.

3. Choose Different Colors

You should design a colorful jersey and make sure that the colors you should reflect on your brand. While choosing colors for your jersey, you should take the help of the team members. You should consider their recommendations and opinions.

It is important to include your team in the custom jersey designing process so that you get the best design for your custom jersey. When you take feedback from your team members, then it builds enthusiasm and passion among your team members. There is another important factor to consider i.e. review your competitors. It is better to find out what your competitors are doing.

4. Add Brand Logo In Design

It is important to add a logo to your custom hockey jersey Design. You must add it strategically. The best location in your jersey to add a logo in the upper part of the sleeves and center of the chest.

The different sizes of the logo and its different positioning create different effects. You should do experiments and chose the right location to display the logo in your custom jersey. If you want to have maximum visibility of the logo, then you should place a large size logo in the center of the chest.

5. Take Help Of Experienced Designer

For designing an optimum custom jersey, you should take the help of an experienced designer. The experienced and skilled jersey designers know how to place the name of a person, jersey number, logo, and other designing elements. The printing professionals also help in custom jersey designing.

Once you have finalized the printing professional or designing contractors, arrange a face to face meeting with them. Tell them about your needs and requirements so that they can deliver the best design.

6. Expect Better Result With Teamwork

While custom jersey designing phase, you should ask for feedback on your teamwork. This will help in yielding better results. The teamwork can bring the results that will be amazing. It will help you to unlock the potential of the team members.

Final Words

The custom jersey designing process includes fun and excitement. The custom jersey not just helps you to give different look to your team but also helps in building up strength in team members. The custom jersey must be designed wisely so that you have the best results.

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