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5 reasons why you should select a Weimaraner Breed?

Choosing the most suitable breed out of all dog breeds is a difficult job. You may get confused because all dog breeds have some special qualities. There are many aspects to consider before selecting any dog breed. To have a perfect one, you want your dog to be perfect in all aspects. If you are looking for a loyal and extremely loving dog, then Weimaraner’s dogs are the most suitable breed for you to pet. Although Weimaraner is hunting dogs and is always high on energy still they go very well with their owners and people around. These polished dogs have some outstanding qualities that make them stand out in all other dog breeds. Interested to know what characteristics of Weimaraner’s will make you get them? Let’s have a look:

Weimaraner are very loyal

The best quality a dog can have is loyalty. Weimaraner’s are one of the most loyal dogs among all others. They are known as Grey Ghost all over the world. It is not because of their color but because of the quality, that they stay with its owner all the time just like a shadow. You will always find a Weimaraner laying somewhere near the owner or moving around the owner. They play, protect, and stay with their owners all the time. Not just the owner, the Weimaraner’s also become loyal to every family member. They revolve and protect around all the family members all the time. Weimaraner’s love to participate in activities the owner or the family members are involved in. If you have a Weimaraner dog by your side, you will never feel alone. A Weimaraner will always be by your side when no one else will. Whereas you may face a problem while going out. As Weimaraner’s are very sensitive and sentimental, they can’t say alone at home for long. If you need to leave him alone at home for long, you need to do the following.

  • Hire a babysitter for your dog that can professionally handle Weimaraner.
  • Start mentally preparing your dog to stay alone at home by providing alone time to your dog every day for a week before leaving.

Weimaraner’s are the most suitable travel partners:

The most impressive part about having a Weimaraner dog is that you can take him anywhere you want. You will never face the tension of leaving your dog behind or hiring a baby sitter for him. If you love to travel and go on outdoor adventures, then there can be no better partner than a Weimaraner. They have such an amazing trait of making everything fun, that you can take him anywhere you want. They love to go on hiking trips, long runs, and much more. They will make you enjoy every moment. Weimaraner’s are so athletic and they never get tired easily, which makes them the perfect partner for outdoor adventures.

Weimaraner’s are very intelligent:

There are so many dog breeds, but all of them are not intelligent like Weimaraner’s. Weimaraner dogs are very efficient in learning everything. Their intelligence level makes the training very easy. You can teach them some interesting tricks, and they will easily understand them. Not just this, they learn about things by just looking at them one or two times. But due to this, they act like a stubborn child sometimes that can be a problem. Although Weimaraner always tries to keep their owner happy sometimes they want to do things their way that make them stubborn. If your Weimaraner act this way make sure you recall him who’s the boss in the house. It will help you manage him properly. If you will not show him his boundaries at the right time he will never listen to you. So it’s up to you how you train him well to make the right use of his intelligence.

Grooming Weimaraner dogs is very easy:

Grooming the dog is the biggest concern for all dog lovers. The reason behind this is the budget and effort they have to put in. In this case, the Weimaraner breed is the best choice as you can easily groom them without much effort and without spending much budget. Weimaraner’s short hairs make it very easy for the owner to groom him. All you need to do is brush your dog once a week properly. The dog may shed hairs after brushing but that won’t be as much as other dogs do. If you take your dog out on traveling or hunting, then it is necessary to trim his paw nails to keep him tidy and safe.

Weimaraner’s are very energetic:

Weimaraner’s breed love to go out and play as they are always high on energy. They love running, swimming, boating, and other similar activities. If you want a dog that stands out in other dogs in games like running, chasing, agility, and tracking then there is no better option than a Weimaraner. Although as Weimaraner’s are high on energy and are very intelligent you may face problems handling them. To keep up with their mind and speed, you need to take some precautionary measures. To make it easy, make sure you fence your yard before bringing him home.

Final words:

Weimaraner puppies have a lot of unique traits that make them perfect to buy. They are not only loved or appreciated because of there color and looks but also because of their loyalty. They have everything someone looks for in a dog that includes loyalty, good company, and much more. Not only this they are easy to maintain and groom because of their small hairs. So this quality makes grooming easy, as well as Weimaraner’s, breed budget-friendly. They love performing different activities like swimming, running, and much more. Weimaraner’s are also the best choice for travelers as they are the best company you can have on a trip. So if you are looking for a full time energetic, entertaining, and intelligent dog then Weimaraner’s puppies and dogs are the best ones to go with.

Nabeel Ali
Malik Nabeel Ali is a student of Virtual University, Islamabad. He is working in Mediahicon. He is basically inhabitant of Wah Cantt. He is a young SEO analyst. His area of interest is Search engine optimization. Mediahicon is a web design development and SEO services company in Wah Cantt, Islamabad.


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