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Home Lifestyle 4 Tips for Decorating with Photography Prints

4 Tips for Decorating with Photography Prints

Did you know that we spend 62% of our waking time at home? If your house isn’t decorated nicely, then you won’t have the best time and it won’t really feel like your home.

You can always sprinkle home decorations like figurines, plants, and small displays. But another fantastic way to spice things up is to hang up some photography prints.

However, there’s such a thing as doing it wrong. You’ll want to show off your skills as an amateur interior decorator and make your guests jealous, after all.

If you need some help, then read on for 4 tips for decorating with photography art.

1. Choose the Right Size

Pick a print that’s too small, and there will be lots of empty white space. But pick a print that’s too big, and it’ll swallow the entire wall!

As a rule of thumb, you’ll want to go with prints that are 2/3 to 3/4 as wide as the furniture in front (such as a dining table or sofa). Of course, this rule can always be broken, but it’s a good start if you’re not sure how to size your prints.

2. Pick a Theme

There are various types of photography, and you might like them all. But if you don’t pick a theme and stick with it, then there’s no cohesiveness in your home.

So for example, if you pick nature, then stick with nature. You can find some great nature prints at www.garsha18photography.com.

3. Go Big Rather Than Small

We know it’s difficult to choose between your favorite images. But hold your horses; don’t print them all out and hang them up in small frames all over your wall. From afar, you won’t be able to see anything and it’ll just look like a huge mess!

Instead, keep these photos in a digital album so you can show people if they’re interested. Or you can frame them and put these photos in cabinets, or on coffee tables and side tables.

Choose only a few to print in larger sizes. Having 2 or 3 large prints on your wall will make a larger impact than 10 or 15 small ones scattered about.

4. Choose Some Original Photography

Sure, professionals can do a better job. But with how powerful smartphones are nowadays, it’s possible to take some stunning pictures to display in your home.

When you have your own work on your walls, you’ll have truly unique pieces to show off. They can be excellent talking points, especially if you’ve captured some special moments in your life.

Display Your Photography Prints Proudly

With these tips for decorating with photography prints, you’ll be able to add a spark to any room in your house.

And you won’t have to worry about it looking cluttered or bad either! So long as you follow our advice, you’ll create amazing focal points that’ll have your guests talking.

Need more ideas on decorating your house? Then keep browsing our blog page!

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