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Home Lifestyle 12 Eye-Opening Pros & Cons of Social Media for Students

12 Eye-Opening Pros & Cons of Social Media for Students

Just like that there are many smart phones users in the world thereby social media channels have gain lot of followership in the past few years. This ratio has been exceeding day by day as the newer platforms such as Instagram, snapchat, WhatsApp has shown tremendous popularity for its visuals, videos and images or other creative features.

However, the population of youngsters influenced by these online channels has proven to be harmful, side by side plays a significant role in developing awareness and enhancing knowledge. This has now become a reality as we humans are more concern about how much Instagram follower one have. Or is the snapchat filter matched with our face look etc. how many like we have as compared to the other person in the friend circle. Let’s now talk about some eye opening pros and cons for students who are busy utilizing their precious time in such activities.

Pros of social media for students

Here are the highlighted pros or advantages which shows many aspect of social channels to be benefited element for youth.

Help widen the social circle

Earlier the years we found that Facebook has made lot of discoveries in helping people to find their love ones through online platforms. The best assignment writing service uk has surveyed a vast number of students to gather population of online users. As this social channel has expected number of users estimated to be 1.69 Million. So, it might be a chance to find your lost friend or neighbor or even your long distance relationship anywhere wherever they are located. It is also very helpful to create connections, maintain a healthy relationship with people all over the world grasp knowledge or information from different race or culture.

Help you adopt healthy habits

We see Instagram and Pinterest where many tricks or tips are heavily posted each day by influencers or fitness experts guiding people through these channels. You can find your favorite experts guiding their followers, making plans about what to eat in the whole day period. Posting videos tutorials about latest exercise or fitness tips which may help people to adopt healthy lifestyle easily.

Create bigger and better community

Through social media channels one can post videos or images, to make awareness or discuss controversial topics to spread the message and solve problems or help with donations. There are many communities out there who believed to change the way of utilizing online channels and create a sense of belonging in the digital world. There are many online communities that have shine the lights on the internet and become a sensation such as community care, SK-gaming, curly girl talks and soul sisters U.S.A. etc.

Scrolling for jobs opportunities

If you are searching for your ideal job don’t you worry social media channels have also solved such issues easily. Being unemployed will just make you more miserable and devastated. Now searching for any position or company of your choice is not a big deal. LinkedIn, Indeed, Facebook these all channels will help students explore opportunities and avail their dream jobs quit affordably.

Ideal way to earn money

There are many different channels which promote or encourage startups to create their own small businesses and earn money at home. The biggest advantage to use social media channels is to earn money of your own by starting a business or a startup. Students are always motivated to try various creative stuff and involve in their ways to build a company of their own. However, they can now easily own a million-dollar company through social media without spending large investment.

Cons of social media for students

Here are the highlighted disadvantages which help student show a negative side of using social media and help you create knowledge about to overcome such habits.

Make you lazy and slothful

You have heard from lots of people your child has become quite lazy and inactive. They spend most of their time in surfing social media channels or uploading picture, updating their status. Our students have become obese, irresponsible and put a barrier against communication just to enjoy a fantasy life of online medium. An average student spends almost 144 to 153 minutes per hour or more.

Unauthentic information

We find lots of news or updates about the outside world through social media channels. However, these social media post are not always true. There are tons of news feeds and blogs circulated among our social accounts which makes it quite difficult to absorb all of them and can create chaos or rumors. 49.5% students mostly believe in false news or post, such as reports about coronavirus has make people fearful and scared.

Illegal actions or crimes

Many youngsters have been victimized or harassed through these social channels as there is an issue of privacy and security which led to cyber-attacks.  Teens are more influenced by other social media celebrities and post images or pictures that are unethical or culturally disrespected. Half of the percentage of teens are exposed to pornography and other social media sites which motivate them to indulge in adultery activities.

Expose to adultery

There are thousands of sites and video channels who promote such adultery acts which is not good for those young little kids. These illegal way of earning has led the pornography industry shine and capture such students who are very much into social media platforms. Even some hackers or scammers who are basically youngsters, there upbringing are done from such social media sites. For example, 88% sexual photos are posted to porn sites without the knowledge of the subject.

Demolish social gathering

The negative cause of social media is being away from all social gathering or friends circle. The teens social communication skills are hindered as they only know how to converse in text messages or through messenger. There interpersonal skills have become weakened and face difficulties in maintaining a face to face bond.

Increase in stress molecules

Social media can create an adverse effect in teens minds. As cyber bulling has been gaining a lot of attention from the pass years. Many teens or young ladies may fall into server depression or body shamming as they post pictures of themselves. Even seeing influencers or bloggers their ideal lifestyle or money they earn can make teens insecure or conscious.

Final thought….

All of these pros and cons are for awareness purpose one should maintain a balance social media life as it may give you lots of benefits but on the other hand it can also cause major health issues as well.

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