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10 remarkable rug ideas for your living room

A sofa set, a dining set, an area rug, and a trendy armchair may seem a bit scattered. But, when you put these elements together, it will create the best home interior. In this case, there are hundreds of rug designs and colors to go with your setup. It depends on the rug material that you choose from rugs online

Finding the right rug can be overwhelming with all the choices you have in rug stores. But, choosing the right thickness, color, and weave knots can do half the task. In addition to fabric and designs, rugs come in various sizes and shapes. In this way, the look of your living room relies on the area that the rug piece covers. So, make sure you pick the right size and shape for your place. 

Whether you prefer natural fabric or synthetic area rugs, they exist in various bold and neutral self-prints. This post will help you choose from ten wonderful rug patterns to suit your living room:

  1. A gray shag rug
  2. Colorful flat weave
  3. Repeating patterns
  4. Neutral stripes
  5. Big striped rugs
  6. Black and beige stripes
  7. Vibrant border rugs
  8. Geometric patterns
  9. Muted aqua blue rugs
  10. Wool shag rugs

A gray shag rug:

These days, no home interior is complete without the touch of gray upholstery. So, if your furniture has a gray or blue texture, go for a gray or silver shag rug. Well, shag rugs draw inspiration from large carpets. Also, they appear more like carpets than area rug. But, a rectangular shag rug covers a large area of your living. 

Colorful flat weave:

Colorful area rugs sell like hotcakes. The reason behind their demand is that they complement every home style. Especially, flat weave bold rug is an ideal choice for vintage living room wooden pieces. Using a rug pad or keeping the rug under furniture is the best way to prevent slipping. Plus, they are easy to vacuum or clean.

Repeating patterns:

Some designer rug can be a great addition to your home. The ones with repeating or uniform patterns go well with any furniture or flooring. In this case, you should go for neutral or bold-colored area rugs. So, you will find ludo or snake prints in a repeating pattern at online rugs. Such area rugs can blend in any living area setup.

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Neutral stripes:

Striped rugs are the best choice for any contemporary style of living area. These striped patterns in neutral shades blend perfectly with a minimal setup. So, if you have club chairs or elegant settees, this neutral striped rug will complement your living space. In addition, they give off a welcoming vibe to your visitors. 

Big striped rugs:

If neutral stripes don’t go well with your dazzling setup, opt for big striped area rugs/carpets. For instance, you have an aqua blue theme going on in your place. In this case, a large blue area rug with an array of bright-colored stripes is the perfect choice for you. It will give a sense of depth to your floor and furniture as well.

Black and beige stripes:

Well, this combo must have crossed your path. A black and beige striped area rug is such a classic piece for every traditional home. It coordinates with every other element of your living area. So, place it under the wooden pieces and put an accent coffee table in the middle. You will be amazed by the final look.

Vibrant border rugs:

Are you interested in a border rug? If yes, then go for either traditional rugs or bohemian rug. Both styles are known for their vibrant borders and colorful patterns. Also, you will find these rug pieces in the yellow, red, blue, orange, and brown color palette. So, embellish it with any sofa set.

Geometric patterns:

A geometric pattern or an abstract rug fits perfectly in all modern setups. These rugs are the essence of many US and UK studio apartments. So, you will find these area rugs in colorful, non-repeating patterns. This rug style gives dimension to your furniture curves. Putting a set of three accent tables on a geometric area rug is an ideal combo.

Muted aqua blue rugs:

Well, blue and gray have made such a profound impact on the home interior. Be it cabinets, rugs, furniture, walls; you will find it everywhere. So, there is a wide range of aqua blue rugs at Rug Gallery. In addition to it, muted blue rugs are in fashion as well. They give a calm and relaxing vibe to your living room. Also, you can pair these muted blue rugs with dark furniture and hardwood floors.

Wool shag rugs:

These days, the US is following the trends of leather sofas. These sofas create a synthetic vibe in your home. So, wool shag rug is ideal for adding a natural element to your living area. A 100% woolen area rug can balance out the entire look of your place. This furry rug is not only appealing but soft as well. Add a cocktail table for more flavors. 


There are hundreds of rug styles for any living room set up at rugs online. There is a compilation of ten remarkable rug ideas that can transform the look of your home. So, go for big striped, vibrant bordered, or boldly patterned rug. Or you can choose any sisal, wool, or aqua shag rug for your interior. It all comes down to your taste in home décor. For the best quality and weave, patterns pay a visit to Rug gallery. 

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