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Home Lifestyle 10 Best Pedicure Kits for Healthy Skin

10 Best Pedicure Kits for Healthy Skin

Looking faster your fingernails and toenails often is as expensive and overwhelming task. One of the effective ways to maintain your nails and toenails is to take care of them at home by using manicure and pedicure kits.

These days there are countless different great kits available in the market. As they help to save time and money.

List of Pedicure Kits for Home

1. VLCC PediGlow Foot Care Kit

This VLCC kit helps to moisturize and flatten your feet. It comes with a foot scrub, foot cleanser, foot spray, and foot cream. It is one of the top pedicure kits for home.

It aids to cover all bases and gives the best solution for all foot issues that all women commonly face. This kit is coming in Rs 440.

2. Vaadi Herbals Soothing and Refreshing Pedicure Manicure Spa Kit

This kit will treat your feet as is a permutation of different herbs and fragrant oils.

Also, you can also apply it on your hands for a manicure. It is the finest pedicure set online that you can prefer. It helps to clean, moisturises, and smoothen your skin on your feet and looks after your nails too. It consists of a cream, scrub, mask, cleanser, and cuticle oil. Buy this kit in Rs 230.

3. Vega 3-in-1 Pedicure Tool

The pedicure tool comes with a brush, a pumice stone, and sandpaper. You can make use it with wet or dry forms. You can use this as daily scrub and cleanser, and also get the brush and tool with this kit.  Cleanse with the pumice stone and the emery to soften n your feet. It is an effective pedicure tool kit and helps you to take right care of your feet at home. Buy this kit online in Rs 184.

4. Glive 18 In 1 Set Handheld Pedicure Kit

This electronic kit has 18 pieces, and it is perfect for both pedicures and manicures.

This handheld Pedi Mate gives you to contour, shape, and shine your nails, even as the other adds-on scrub and smoothen the feet.

It comes with a massager. It is made of plastic and is a battery-operated device. Buy this kit for Rs 549.

5. Beauté Secrets Kit

This kit includes 15 tools of manicure pedicure set for hand care, facial care and foot care. It is stylish and handy; buy this kit online in Rs 449.

6. Foot Bath Spa with Heat Vibration Leg Massager

The pedicure acts on gas wave oxygenation, magneto Therapy, and infrared physiotherapy to give you quiver massage.

It helps to detoxify your feet and provides you a complete foot massage. It leaves your foot to feel rejuvenated and comfortable.

It works as foot bath spa and give your legs a massage with the heat vibrations that is available with the device. Buy this kit online in Rs 1,840.

7. The Body Care Lemon Hand and Foot Spa Mini Set

This kit is completely Paraben-free and Formaldehyde and non allergenic aromas and fragrances. It comes with 100% Vegan, soften cuticles and will release dead skin.

It detoxifies and makes eliminates dull, dry skin. This kit is best to us as condition, fortify and protect your hands and feet. Buy this kit online is Rs. 120

8. Jovees Manicure & Pedicure Hand & Foot Spa Kit

Jovees Manicure and Pedicure spa kit strengthens your skin. It helps to soften your hands and feet. It has all natural and organic ingredients and provides visible results.

The kit includes hand and foot cleanser, Hand & Foot Exfoliator, Hand & Foot Pack, and finally Hand & Foot Cream. Buy this kit in Rs. 446.

9. Bloomsberry Manicure And Pedicure

Bloomsberry Minute Manicure Jar comes with sugar-based exfoliating therapy that acts on dull, dry and torn cuticles. It is an amalgamation of pedicure and manicure kits.

You can get an immediate Pedicure Foot Scrub. Moreover, this kit abolishes dry skin from heels and elbows. You can use this complete kit to nurture and moisturize your skin with the cool cucumber aroma. Buy this kit online in Rs. 749.

10. Skin Secrets Pedicure Manicure Spa Hand & Foot Care Kit

This pedicure kit is ideal for beauty spa kit that helps to soften your hands and feet. It comes with an all-inclusive pedicure manicure set. The active elements in this kit help to scrub exfoliate dull layers of dead skin on hands and feet and revive your skin. It gives you a complete moisturizing effect to your skin on your hands and feet, and takes proper care of your nails as well. You can use all to products to get a complete radiant skin. Buy this kit online in Rs. 719.

These are all best pedicure kits for healthy and glowing skin.

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