A Simple Guide to Keep Your Mattress Protector Squeaky Clean

Changing bed sheets and frequent cleaning might not be enough to maintain your mattress’s quality. That’s why you’ll need a mattress protector that safeguards your beloved mattress. Plus, your bed becomes more comfortable and softer, letting you sleep peacefully.

As this protective fabric collects a lot of dirt and bacteria, you need to clean it properly. You have to follow steps like using a mild detergent and avoiding bleach.

Below is a simple guide to washing your protector, so it lasts longer and stays cleaner. Let’s dive into the details!

Check the Washing Instructions

Before you start cleaning the material, it’s important to check the label for washing instructions. Check out the following details –

  • Whether it’s machine washable or not
  • The optimum water temperature required for washing
  • Types of detergents you can use
  • The ideal wash cycle for the protector

If you’re unsure, you can visit the product manufacturer’s official website to get more information.

Clean It with Cold Water

Cold water is the perfect choice when washing a protector. This is because cold water will prevent the fabric from shrinking and protect the fibres. Further, you might find information about this on the product label.

Another option is to use lukewarm water. However, avoid using extremely hot water at all costs. It ruins the waterproof materials in the protector, which will hamper its quality.

Choose a Mild Detergent

Always wash the protector with a mild detergent that doesn’t have any softeners. This is because the softeners can prevent the protector from absorbing dirt and bacteria from the mattress.

You also have to ensure that the detergent doesn’t contain bleach or chlorine. These are harsh on the fabric and can damage it completely.

So, after you’re done using the detergent, rinse the protector properly. It will ensure that all particles of detergents are washed away.

Dry it Properly

It’s time to dry the protector after intense cleaning! You can put it in the dryer or place it under the sun for air drying.

If you wish to tumble dry it, select a low heat setting along with a low tumble setting.

Additionally, you can use a fan for drying it. For this, place the material under a large fan. But, make sure the fan’s blades are clean so that no dust particles fall on the cloth. Moreover, you need to rotate the fabric, so every inch of the protector is completely dried.

How Often Should You Clean The Protector?

It’s recommended to clean the protector after every two to three months. However, it depends upon its usage and condition.

  • If you suffer from any allergies, clean the protector around twice a month
  • Protectors in the guest bedroom will need a wash every quarter
  • If you have recovered from flu, clean the topper immediately to free it from any bacteria

Another situation is when you have spilled a drink like coffee or some food on the bed. It might leave a stubborn stain on the topper and can affect the protector. So, clean it immediately to prevent the marks from becoming permanent.

The Bottom Line

If you feel that certain marks aren’t washing away from the mattress protector, don’t force it. Send it to the laundry or cleaning experts. However, you have to ensure they’re cleaning the material with utmost care.

Also, check the ingredients of any cleaning agent like detergents before using them on the protectors.