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Top 5 Best Lead Generation Tools for Dental Practices

Did you know that 80% of leads never convert into sales? It’s easy to think that many dental practices aren’t doing enough. After all, those smiles are all about turning a curious customer into a patient for life.

But that’s not always the case. Suppose you’re targeting the wrong leads or don’t have enough in the first place. You’ll end up wasting resources trying to convert. So what’s the other option?

Well, let’s take a look at the five best lead generation tools. These give you the best chance of filling the cavities in your lead generation process.

1. OptinMonster – Capture Emails via Landing Pages

Optinmonster is one of the most popular tools on the web for your lead generation campaign. Chances are if you’ve seen a popup with a box to type your email in, it’s come from OptinMonster.

Sometimes, lead generation dental practice marketing is often best left to the professionals. But for those going it alone creating lead generation sites, then Optinmonster is a great tool as it’s so simple to use that anyone can get started.

2. Hubspot – All-Round Lead Generation Tool

Hubspot is the king of lead generation systems. It has a comprehensive solution for every aspect of generating new business. From SEO to social media management, there’s nothing this software doesn’t do well.

For a tool that offers everything, it’s also very competitive in its pricing strategy. So it’s well worth a look for anyone taking on marketing themselves.

3. Discover.ly – Social Media Lead Generation Discovery

Discover.ly is a fantastic tool that most people haven’t used before. It’s a Google Chrome extension that analyses social media profiles, a classic headhunting lead generation technique. It presents them back, in summary, giving you a better persona of that person.

Suppose you’re on the page of your most engaged customer on social media. From there, you can see who else they are following or the kinds of people with whom they associate.

This kind of data allows you to target your lead generation better. You can hone in on a subset of individuals that might be most interested in your business!

4. Jotform – Customized Form-Filling

JotForm is another very popular form builder. They provide a free account that gives you access to over 100 forms. But suppose you want more features like conditional logic or custom fields.

Then it would help if you upgraded to a paid plan. Yet, even though it’s a chargeable service, the quality of service is second to none. We’d recommend giving it a try.

5. Referral Candy – Referrals Equals Leads

We all know that some of the most profitable dentists operate on word of mouth (no pun intended!). After all, chances are most of your clients are local and may even know each other.

Take advantage of this and offer an incentive for customers to refer you to others! It can also boost morale and trust in your business. That’s because customers feel more valued and inclined to promote your business.

The Best Lead Generation Tools for Your Business

So those were our five best lead generation tools for dental practices. If you’re not confident in doing this yourself, it’s best left to a marketing professional.

But nothing is stopping you from giving these tools a try! See how you get on with generating more leads that’ll keep you and your business smiling for years to come!

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