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Tips to take Care of your Colored Hair

The latest trend of the time is dyeing your hair and augmenting your natural look with hues lighter or darker by beating your original hair tone. A right colour combination not only matches your skin tone but also assist to show up your facial features. A fantastic list of dyeing your hairs range from blonde, ash, brown, red, purple, Auburn, cocoa, mahogany, caramel, and many more and these all colours help to restore your natural locks into something more pleasing. Colouring your hairs are available in different styles i.e., streaks, highlights, balayage, ombre etc. so it’s not only the colour you pick but also how you perform it will finally contour your final hairstyle.

However, it is cool to obtain a completely new avatar with hair colour; it needs the same care to keep your hair strong and healthy. Here are a few tips to keep in mind:

Allow going of the dead-ends

Hair gets rough and dry in post dyeing, it is recommended to get trimming frequently within 5-6 weeks to stay away from breakage and locks of hair. Having the wonderful shade is not sufficient; day-by-day care with correct products to nurture as well as haircuts to hut the untidy split ends can help to maintain the required healthy and glossy look.

Shampoo less and with cold water

If you do shampoo your hairs every alternate day, then this cannot be followed post hair dye ritual. Do shampoo at least 3 times a week and if your scalp inclines to get oily it is better to choose a good quality of dry shampoo. The more you rinse off, so, the more your hair will tend to drop its natural oil and become too much dry. Also, with each wash, the colour tends to lose colour so, to maintain it longer a person should decrease the number of washes. It’s also recommended to wash with cold or lukewarm water to get rid of damage as well as frizz.

Well conditioning is a compulsory 

The most significant feature of this schedule is without doubt conditioning your hair. The hairs require proper amounts of hydration and moisture, and you should apply a good quality of conditioner every time you shampoo. Furthermore, get conditioning treatments once a while. If you cannot meet the expense to visit parlour, just buy a deep hair conditioner ( Eg. Loreal Paris Hair Spa) uses it thoroughly all over hair threads then cover a hot towel around your hair for at least 15 minutes and then rinse with water. You can also use household packs of egg, banana or yoghurt on your hair which will not only do condition but also help recover the missing proteins. Check here about The Body Shop Coupons here with us which can save money from us.

Opt for products carefully

You have spent your saved money to buy your favourite colour on your hair but that doesn’t mean that you can save by not spending too much money on the good quality of products post the ritual. Post care is just as vital for healthy hair and to maintain the colour. Use sulphate free shampoo and conditioner to your coloured hair. The market is packed with wide-ranging products but you know well that you should be limited within your budget and choose the products accordingly. However, one would recommend a mild shampoo to get rid of reducing the natural oil of the hair.

Avoid excessively heat

Allow your beautiful coloured locks dry naturally, stay away from blow-drying as much as possible. Large amounts of exposure to heat damage the hair and make it frizzed and prone to lose colour the colour. Thus, while styling your hairs with the device keep the minimum temperature. You can choose heat protective products from the market; use it before styling your hair to give some amounts of protection from high temperature.


Excessively sun exposure leads to hair get faded. If you are going outside so, make sure to wear a hat in to keep your colour protected.


One of the major causes that our colour can look dry or lifeless is due to using hard water that can make our hair opposed to gripping on top of colour molecules. In spite of washing your hair day every day try to use a shower cap or buying a filter for your shower head to get rid of the redundant increase. Also, choose for a dry shampoo to keep your strands oil-free and looking their perfect.

Style your new hair colour at best with these tips. The more you care for your dyed hair the more the colour will last and sustain the glossy texture. If you feel you have too much hair fall or dehydration, then choose a shorter haircut as mainly it is nothing but a hairline fracture or you can also opt for a keratin treatment to bring back the sustenance. You can also get information about saving tips from 1mg Coupons where you can save money for sure.

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