5 Professions that Need Chiropractic Care in Chronic Pain Clinics in Edmonton

Chronic Pain Clinics

There are many jobs which require greater man power and physical exertion. Those of you who choose these jobs are at a great risk of injuries, external and internal. Some professions are quite the opposite. Office-based jobs are hardly physically challenging yet they do cause serious problems and disorders.

Every limb of your body has an associated task. Labor has commodified your body. This is why, every other profession can be taxing on your body regardless of the organ in use. The following are the six professions which require care with the Best Physiotherapy in Edmonton:


Labor work requires extensive use of manpower because most of it is manual. Automated machinery is still run by people. The active and frequent use of your triceps, biceps, neck muscles, back muscles, spine, and lower legs can be taxing beyond belief.

For someone who chose this as a career, you are bound to be exhausted or injured at some point. The risk of falling over, losing balance, and dislocating a spinal disc is far greater. To keep you up and going, you will need proper check-ups with clinics like Regenerate Physiotherapy and Shockwave.

Public Service Workers

There are many professions that come under this heading. They include:

  • Fire fighters
  • Officers
  • Journalists
  • Ambassadors

These professions are very interactive. Some of them are potentially dangerously like fire fighters and officers. They risk their lives to save others. Their injuries become collateral damage and that goes for physical injuries.

Most of the times, their internal injuries go unannounced or detected. These employees choose to avoid the diagnosis or acknowledgment of internal pain. This leads to long-term health issues. They need help from a Pain Clinic in Edmonton on timely basis.


People who work in distribution have to manage warehouses. Small tasks within such an extensive unit can lead to injuries, fatigue and exhaustion. For those who lift heavy boxes, have to repeat it every single day. They become desensitized to the backpain. For such work, you need to regular checkups with physiotherapists and chiropractors.

Office Workers and Typists

Even though their work does not require lifting, it also does not need much moving. Sitting in a chair all day can get tiring. You are very likely to bend or slouch your way through the day. This leads to complications in the spine alignment and muscles.

When you go home, your muscles cannot cope with everyday chores. Their stiffness causes sudden pain that increases continuously. Typists have to look out for carpal tunnel syndrome and wrist sprains.

Doctors and Nurses

It is said that doctors make the worst patients but they are human nonetheless. Medical workers work in 20 hour shifts and more. Their pain can stem within their joints and muscles be it fingers, back or legs. The amount of time they have to spend on their feet is significant.

Operations and surgeries take this pain a step further. Chiropractors help them identify such problems in their early stages. For this reason, a regular visit to a Pain Clinic in Edmonton is necessary.