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Home Health Learn Here Everything About Getting Yoga Alliance Certified

Learn Here Everything About Getting Yoga Alliance Certified

Congratulations on accomplishing the yoga teacher training! Now, you are ready to teach the sacred art of yoga to others and help them live a life with fewer worries and more happiness. Whether you completed the training in Hatha or Vinyasa yoga style, it has prepared you mentally to experience the world around in a different manner than before. The next step now is to get Yoga Alliance certified.

You might ask why the need to have a Yoga Alliance certification? For starters, Yoga Alliance certification improves your credibility as a yoga teacher. However, there are other numerous perks of earning the Yoga Alliance certification.

That said, let us find out a bit about what is Yoga Alliance.

Yoga Alliance – Intro & Benefits

Yoga Alliance is a not-for-profit international organization that has set the standards and protocols for yoga teaching around the world. The organization also works to represent the interests and welfare of the global yoga community.

In other words, becoming Yoga Alliance certified also improves your chances of employment in a reputed yoga school and studio. Do you know that becoming a member of Yoga Alliance also offers you numerous benefits.

Free Online Education

Becoming a Yoga Alliance member grants you free access to loads of online yoga education through their articles, online workshops, and videos. You also get in-depth knowledge of yoga asanas, teaching methodology, and philosophy. You can also find out any information on the latest yoga industry trends, current events, and any updated scientific research.

Listing In Directory

Perhaps the biggest advantage of becoming a Yoga Alliance member is they create your profile page on the online yoga directory. This directory contains the names of all the Registered Yoga Teachers and yoga schools. In other words, is Yoga Alliance certified does comes with a lot of perks.

Connect With Yoga Community

Yoga Alliance has a vast network of yoga schools and teachers. Once you register with Yoga Alliance, you find the best route to connecting with other yoga professionals. This gives you an opportunity to become a part of social meetings and other events.


Yoga Alliance understands that hard times do fall on the best of us. It is why the organization does everything in its power to support the registered yoga schools and teachers in hard times.

However, yoga experts from around the world have come up with a list of guidelines that can help you make the most of yoga training. Following these tips would help you become Yoga Alliance certified in the long run.

5 Things To Do After Completing YTT

Congratulations on completing the yoga teacher training program! You are now eligible to teach the sacred art of yoga to others.

However, there are a few things you have to do before you kickstart your new career as a yoga teacher.

Get Liability Insurance

Yoga might be a bit of slow in comparison to other ways of staying fit. However, it has its share of injuries and accidents. Therefore, yoga experts recommend you get liability insurance as it protects you when teaching at a yoga school or studio.

Register With Yoga Alliance

Without a doubt, becoming Yoga Alliance certified will certainly help you in finding a job as a yoga teacher. Make sure you do the yoga teacher training from a Yoga Alliance certified yoga school as this will also add to your credibility as a yoga teacher.

Gain Some Experience

As a new graduate of yoga school, you do need to carry some yoga teaching experience under your belt. Start by networking with other yoga teachers, and keep looking for opportunities to teach yoga to anyone who shows interest. You can ask around if a nearby yoga studio is looking for a teacher.

Keep Practicing

No matter whether you become an advanced yoga teacher or are just a beginner, never forget that in yoga everyone is a student. You should not give up on your personal yoga practice and keep up with your personal yoga practice.

Have Patience

You are pretty excited to start away as a Yoga Alliance certified yoga teacher. Remember, it will take some time for you to form the connections and kickstart your career in full gear. Do not give up, rather stay patient and focused on manifesting this dream.


Do you want to become the best yoga teacher and stand out from the rest? Make sure you get Yoga Alliance certified after completing the yoga teacher training.

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