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Home Health Drink Up What You Need to Know About Heavy Metals in Water

Drink Up What You Need to Know About Heavy Metals in Water

Did you know that Rhode Island has the cleanest tap water in America? Meanwhile, New Mexico has the worst tap water in the US. But you can find common heavy metals in water throughout any state in the country.

There are safe levels of heavy metals in drinking water, but you must know which ones to look for. Are you concerned about drinking toxic heavy metals in water?

The following guide will explain different heavy metals found in water and their effects. Read on to learn about these contaminates and how to avoid them.

What Are Heavy Metals in Water?

Heavy metals have a high density and form naturally in the Earth’s crust. Some of these metals are commonly used in agriculture and manufacturing. Examples include tin, gold, copper, and silver.

Several heavy metals are crucial for human bodies to function properly. However, they can cause major toxicity in large doses. Children and developing fetuses are especially vulnerable to those risks.

That’s why many consumers seek out the best water distiller on the market for their homes. Full home treatment systems and even simple filtered pitchers help remove harmful contaminants.

Cadmium Contamination

Cadmium is a heavy metal that is poisonous if consumed. Poisonings typically occur when eating plants or animals that were exposed to contaminated water or soil.

But cadmium can also find its way into tap water through zinc impurities in galvanized pipes. Other sources include solders in fittings, water heaters, and water coolers.

Short-term exposure to cadmium might cause nausea and vomiting. Long-term exposure can lead to cancer and damage to kidneys and liver.

Arsenic Contamination

Arsenic is formed naturally in the Earth’s crust from volcanic activity and other natural processes. Although, human activities like pesticides and mining have increased arsenic amounts in groundwater.

It’s one of the most toxic heavy metals that can enter your water supply. Natural erosion, agricultural runoff, and waste streams usually cause contamination.

Small exposure might cause discoloration of your skin, stomach pains, diarrhea, and nausea.

Long-term poisoning from arsenic is much more dangerous. It can cause neurological issues, cardiovascular disease, different cancers, and even diabetes.

Lead Contamination

Lead commonly gets in tap water through corrosive pipes and plumbing fixtures. Older homes with copper pipes are much more likely to contain lead than newer homes.

Drinking water that contains any amount of lead is dangerous over time. It builds up in your body and causes damage to your brain, liver, kidney, heart, and bones.

Lead exposure might cause your immune system to attack its own cells. Children are more vulnerable to lead poisoning and it can cause major developmental problems.

Avoid Heavy Metals in Water

Now you know what heavy metals in water are and why filtration is important. Metals like cadmium, arsenic, and lead can cause serious health issues and even death.

Remember this guide and consider purchasing a filtration system for your home’s water. Check out the rest of our site for more helpful home tips and other fascinating articles.

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