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Best Ways for Staying Awake When You Are Feeling Too Sleepy


If you’re tired, however, you must remain active. There are a few methods to avoid falling into deep sleep. There are methods to prevent the initial sleepiness. It could be because you have a problem with excessive morning sleepiness, an insomnia disorder, or simply want to stay in bed until late.

This article will provide methods to stay awake even when you’re exhausted. The article will also discuss the prescribed medicines that doctors may prescribe to help reduce the frequency of insomnia.

Get Fresh Air

A healthy and clean environment will assist you in staying alert. For people suffering from circadian rhythm disorders and the seasonal affective disorder (SAD), a properly controlled exposure to natural light or the use of a light box can aid in the treatment of the problems.

For all of us, our body’s circadian rhythm relies on exposure to natural elements, such as sunlight. As a result, taking a walk outside to get some fresh air during a tired state may be beneficial.

Feel alert and alert when you breathe deeply.

The blood oxygen level is increased with deep breathing. It lowers the heart rate, lowers blood pressure and improves circulation, which ultimately improves the efficiency of your mind and your levels of energy.

The principle behind deep breathing exercises is to breathe into the abdomen, not the chest. They can be performed on the computer. Can you do this 10 times if you’re sitting straight?

  • Place one hand on your stomach, close to the ribs, and another hand on your chest. In the next breath, breathe deeply by breathing through the nose. After that, let your belly push out of your hands. Your chest shouldn’t move.
  • Breathe through your nose as you’re singing, but keep your lips shut. You can put your hands on your stomach and blow air out.

Another technique, referred to as “stimulation breath,” is used in yoga for a quick energy boost and increased alertness. Through your nose, exhale and then inhale with your nose close but without difficulty. Keep your breaths shorter and count three times in a second. Keep breathing normally. This could be done for 15 seconds or longer initially. Then, following that, you can continue to add five seconds at each interval until you’ve reached the time limit of one minute.

Being active through doing exercises

In the majority of instances, there is a good chance of exhaustion when you are working for prolonged periods at your workstation. Driving long distances or sitting in your cubicle for extended periods of time can cause sleepiness.

You may not notice that you are tired while doing things like cleaning the house or running errands, unless you suffer from the condition called narcolepsy.

Removing yourself from sedentary life by exercising or other physical activities will help reduce the amount of sleep you get. If you are able to return to work, your mind will be clearer. You’ll also likely feel more rested.

Keep a Cool Environment

If you’ve had the experience of sleeping in a place that is hot, then you’re conscious of the advantages of staying on the cooler end of the spectrum. The pattern of sleep and how long you remain awake could be dependent on the climate in which you live.

The ability to reduce temperatures (perhaps as low as 68 degrees, or perhaps just one or two degrees lower) can help you stay concentrated.

Give your eyes some rest to avoid fatigue.

Constant focus on your computer screen could cause strain on your eyes and cause fatigue and fatigue. Refresh your computer screen for a few minutes every now and again to let your eyes relax.

Eat a healthy snack to boost your energy.

Snacks with sugar provide energy boosters that are quick and are followed by “highs” and “lows,” when low blood sugar leads to mental fatigue and fogginess. These foods can increase your energy levels over the long term.

  • Spread peanut butter on celery sticks or whole wheat crackers.
  • Yogurt, a handful of fresh fruits or nuts
  • Baby carrots alongside cream cheese dip and low-fat
Consume caffeine

Caffeine is a highly effective and cost-effective method of increasing alertness. It is a natural stimulant. It also improves your focus and energy levels.

Alongside water, caffeinated drinks make up the majority of sought-after beverages around the globe. Coffee, hot chocolate, tea soda, and coffee and soda are among the most sought-after drinks. Caffeine can also be contained in some foods, such as chocolate.

Consuming excessive quantities of caffeine may cause negative side effects, including increased heart rate, anxiety, or a headache that is related to it.

Alternate your activities.

If you are having trouble getting up in the morning, or you feel tired while working in the evening, it is possible to improve your routine. Breaking big projects down into smaller chunks and working on them in a brief manner regularly can assist you in completing more tasks.

If you change your focus and focus on something else, you’ll be better at tackling new projects.

Make use of medicine as a last resort.

The last option is the possibility of using prescribed drugs, also called stimulants. You can take Artvigil to overcome insomnia.

The drugs work by various mechanisms within the brain, which in turn aids you in staying focused and awake. However, they can also be addicting and aren’t often used to treat excessive tiredness throughout the daytime.

The prescribed medicines are prescribed to treat symptoms of narcolepsy as well as more serious cases of sleep apnea. Doctors can use them to treat other illnesses, such as fatigue caused by Multiple Sclerosis.


If you’re experiencing lots of insomnia, you’re awake; you should be. There are ways to solve the problem. Fighting insomnia by drinking coffee regularly, taking regular breaks, or eating a small snack are only a few suggestions you can make.

It is also possible to take about an hour to relax, breathing in fresh air, enjoying the sunlight, cooling down the temperature of your space, or taking part in a bit of physical activity.

If you have an extreme sleep disorder, the doctor you consult may recommend stimulants such as Artvigil 50 that aid in keeping you awake. However, it is only recommended as a last resort because the drugs they prescribe can be addictive. Waklert is a great remedy to help you get rid of tiredness.

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