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Home Health Best Abs Workout for Women that You can Perform at Home

Best Abs Workout for Women that You can Perform at Home

Whether one considers themselves a fitness enthusiast or not, a good set of six-pack abs are indeed a part of everyone’s ideal physique. Achieving abs is an extensive journey marked by consistent efforts towards a single goal. It is understood that the current lockdown situation and your inability to visit gyms has caused a hindrance to your plans. Fortunately, you can carry on your daily workout sessions with abs workout at home, even in the absence of workout equipment.

The equipment helps achieve abs, but you can do so with an abs workout at home easily. Abs workout at home workout your overall body but target your abdominal and core muscles specifically. They engage and stimulate your muscles, helping you burn fat from that area effectively to achieve prominent, well-defined abs. Along with abs workout at home, it is also essential to eat right, i.e., proper nutritional intake, cutting back on complex carbs and staying hydrated. Combined with this, here are the best abs workout at home you should add to your routine:

  • Reverse Crunches: First, lie down flat on your back with your arms resting at your sides. Lift your legs at an angle and use your core strength to pull them up towards your chest, push down on your arms and lift your hips off the floor. Keep toes pointed, and don’t place feet on the ground in between reps.
  • Bicycle Crunches: Begin by lying down on your back with arms behind your head. Keep your shoulders slightly elevated off the mat with your legs bent slightly at the knees. Remember to look ahead with a relaxed neck while you bring your left knee towards your chest, rotate your right elbow to touch your knee with it while you extend your right leg without touching the ground. Continue this with alternating legs.
  • Shoulder Taps: Get down in the plank position. Make sure your body is at a consistent level, and your spine is straight. Now, lift your right hand and touch your left shoulder with it. Repeat with your left hand and right shoulder. Don’t move your hips during this exercise.
  • Seated Russian Twists: Sit down comfortably, lift your legs at a 90° angle off the ground and lean backwards for maximum core engagement. Legs together. Hands clasped and elbows wide, start rotating your torso first towards the right with your clasped hands and repeat the same on the other side. 
  • Side Planks: Lie down on your left side with your feet together and your right arm resting on your side. If you’re a beginner, lift your upper body first and then your hips by supporting them on your forearm; make sure your elbow is aligned with your shoulder. Hold this position for a few seconds.

By practising these abs workouts at home, you will soon start seeing progress towards gaining your ideal set of abs. For professional guidance at affordable prices, don’t forget to check out the cult.fit’s abs workout at home pack that will surely help speed up the process.

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