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All You Need To Know About Hydrocele!

Do you have a baby who have fluid filled sac around the testicles? Or have you heard of any adult complaining about this issue? And you wonder what type of medical condition is this?

This is a real problem. And known as hydrocele. It’s a condition in which fluid filled sac is formed in the scrotum. Scrotum is the sac or lining that holds the testicles. They are usually harmless and left untreated. But if the scrotum has swelling, you need to visit the sexologist to rule out the root cause. As sometimes it might be a symptom of a serious problem like testicular cancer.

A hydrocele feels like a small fluid-filled balloon inside your scrotum. It feels smooth and is usually present in front of one of your testicles.

What is the cause of hydrocele?

At the end of the pregnancy of a male child, testes from the abdomen descend towards the scrotum during development, both testicles have naturally occurring sac around them. These sacs have fluid filled in it. Normally during the first year of life, these sacs close themselves and body absorbs the fluid. But in some cases, if this process does not happen, it causes the formation of hydrocele.

In adults above 40 years of age, hydrocele can also form. This usually occurs if the channel through which the testicles descend hadn’t closed and fluid now enters through them, or the channel reopens.

This can cause fluid to move from the abdomen into the scrotum and formation of hydrocele occurs. It can also be caused by inflammation or injury in the scrotum or along the channel. The inflammation may be caused by an infection (epididymitis) or other medical conditions.

What are the different types of Hydrocele?

There are two main types of hydrocele;

  • Communicating: In this type, the sac does not close at all and the fluid flows in and out the sac easily.
  • Non-communicating: In this type, the sac closes itself but your body does not absorb the fluid. So formation of hydrocele occurs.

How Is Hydrocele Diagnosed?

Doctors usually perform physical examination to diagnose this condition. Your doctor can also check the tenderness in your scrotum and shine the light through the scrotum (process is known as transillumination).

What are the treatment options of hydrocele?

Surgery is the major option to treat this condition. A small incision is made in the abdomen or scrotum (depending on the location of the hydrocele) and the hydrocele is surgically removed. Other option is to perform needle aspiration, in which the surgeon drained out the fluid collected in the scrottan.

Sometimes, doctors suggest to leave it on its own so that it can heal itself. As this condition is not dangerous, it can be left untreated.

But the diagnosis of the problem is must. As you know, there are variety of dangerous health conditions that may silently develop in your body, that’s why you need to consult the sexologist to check whether. it’s a harmless hydrocele or any other serious problem.

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