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WBU Meaning In Chat – Know The Ins And Outs

Are you trying to find the meaning or definition of WBU on the internet? if so you’re on the right page.

Here in this guide, you will be provided with the in-depth wbu meaning in chat.

One may have distinct kinds of questions about WBU including what’s WBU? Meaning and definition of WBU. What does it stand for? What does WBU mean on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Snapchat, or Twitter?

In Brief

WBU is nothing but an abbreviation that you may have heard on a few social network websites such as Facebook, Snapshot, and Twitter. 

The abbreviations like WBU are known as an internet slang. One will find distinct acronyms like OFC, TBH, & WCW in a non-formal convo. People make use of such shorts terms only to save time rather than typing an entire sentence or a word.

What Does it stand for-WBU?

WBU stands for “What About You”. One might be aware of this term during their chat with their online friends.

The other short term that can be well used as an option to this very slang is “HBU.” Now you may ask what does it stand for? Well, it stands for “How About You”. Several short terms can be seen are getting extremely popular on numerous social networking websites while chatting online. 

Where it came from- “WBU”

Whilst it does not seem at first since it looks like an acronym should rather be “WAU,” and not “WBU,” the arrival of “WBU” is actually very straightforward and simple. “About” is quite often shortened in the slang and texts to “’bout.” Hence, “What about you” changed to “What ’bout you,” and from there “WBU” arrived in the world of texting.

Why WBU is used?

To begin with, several reasons are out there why this slang was used. Whilst most of us are using short words in online chatting, this means they are saving their time rather by using an abbreviation instead of typing the long sentence or a full form of a particular word. Everyone nowadays is in a rush and they need a quick reply to their text.

The other possible reason is obviously the limit of the characters on a few of the social networking websites, which does make sense. As there are social networking websites where one can write about a particular number of characters, like Twitter. Where one may utilize only 280 characters, thus, in such circumstances individuals use the slang and go on save character limit.

When to make use of “WBU”

One can make use of “WBU” informally, generally in text-based conversations. And the usual time to utilize it is in the reply to being questioned how you’re or what you’re doing once you have given an answer of yours. This goes on to express interest in another person in the convo.

Keeping in mind that slang and the acronyms such as this shouldn’t be utilized in the formal setting unless there is a particular purpose to do.


The “WBU” stands for “What ’bout You”, which’s utilized in chatting online with relatives or friends. Most people go on to utilize such sort of terms in the chat to give a fast and quick reply to the message, they only type the short terms rather than the entire word. Such short term could never be part of the formal convo.

One can’t use internet slang wherever they want, because this can cause a bit of confusion. In a few of the other fields, the meaning is a bit different. One can utilize “HBU” which stands for “How About You” rather than WBU, both have got the exact meaning. To know more, you may go on to do your research.

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