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Top Factors to Consider Before Buying Flag Poles

Do you intend to add a flag pole to your yard? If yes, a few tips for buying flag poles will help you.

At least half of Americans have American flags in their homes. There are different flag poles you can choose from – telescoping flag poles are perfect examples. Without the right flag pole guide, you’ll end up wasting money on the wrong options.

A nice flag pole in front of your house will make your home more appealing. It also shows your love for America.

Are you wondering how you can find the best flag poles? Here are factors to consider when buying flag poles.

Flag Pole Size and Height

This is one of the flag pole tips that can help you make the right choice. You want a flag pole that every person will see from a distance.

The size and height of the flag poles go hand in hand. Both of them determine the style of the flag pole. So, they can either add or decline the curb appeal of your home.

Don’t guess the height of the flag pole you want to add to your home. There are ways to determine the accurate height of a flag pole.

Through the surveyor’s theodolite method, you can know the height of a flag pole. All you need is a calculator, measuring tape, and yardstick.

The Budget

Every flag pole store has its own price. Although price shouldn’t override quality, you don’t have to buy extremely expensive flag poles. Again, the cheapest flag poles may be made of fake materials.

You need to have a fitting budget before buying a flag pole. First, contact several flag pole sellers to get the price estimates. Comparing the prices of different flag pole stores will help you create the right budget.

A good flag pole store should have many flag pole options. This is to help the customers find affordable flag poles. Before buying, ensure that the price matches the flag pole’s quality.

Weight and Strength

Don’t buy a flag pole that will be stressful to install. The weight of a flag pole is a major factor to consider before spending your money.

Several things determine the weight of a flag pole. The first is the materials used to make it. The size of the flag poles also determines their weight.

Strong flag poles don’t have to be heavy. Here, you need to be keen to buy flag poles that will not get damaged by strong winds. Aluminum flag poles, for instance, are the best options – they are both light and strong.

You should also check the wall thickness of the flag pole. Buy flag poles with thick walls for stability and durability.

The Location

You don’t install a flag pole anywhere in your home or workplace. Choose the best location for your flag pole before buying it.

You should install the flag pole in front of your house or business building. The flag pole should be installed in an open space where people can easily see it.

Again, choose a location that also gives you a better view of the flag pole. By this, you can enjoy a feeling of satisfaction after installing it.

Also, ensure that the location is free from power lines. This is necessary for your safety. Your flag pole will not hit the power lines and cause possible accidents.

Type of Flag Poles

Before buying a flag pole, take time to know the available options.

A good flag pole for yard should meet all your desires. This is in terms of its appearance, quality, and other features.

Researching will help you know the available types of flag poles. Check out more about their characteristics and price ranges.

The first thing that determines the type of flag poles is their material compositions. Aluminum flag poles, titan fiberglass, and steel flag poles are the best examples under this category.

Flag poles are also categorized based on their mounting type. The first example here is the hinge-base flag poles. These are mounted over concrete bolts. They are quite expensive but very durable. Other examples are tilt-base flag poles, ground sleeve mount, and shoe base flag poles.

The Halyard Rope

This is the most important part of the whole flag pole. It attaches the flag to the pole. When buying a flag pole, you need to be sure that you’re also getting the best halyard rope.

There are two types of halyard ropes you can choose from – the external and internal halyard ropes.

The external halyard rope runs on the outer part of the flag poles. If you choose this option, ensure that the pulley at the top of the pole is in the right position. A revolving position is the best as it makes it easier to raise the flag.

The external halyard rope is the best for homeowners. Besides being affordable, it can suit different styles of residential flag poles.

If you’re buying a commercial flag pole, choose an internal halyard rope. It is also the best option for public flag poles since it prevents theft and vandalism. The external halyard ropes need a little effort to raise the flags.

Special Features

These are the extra features that the flag pole should have. You may want a flag pole with an interchangeable final mount. Be clear on the additional features you want your flag pole to have.

You can also get your flag pole customized. A customized flag pole is good for meeting your unique expectations.

A brushed metal finish is the other special feature you can consider. All these special features will make your flag pole more appealing and functional. Don’t ignore them!

Use the Above Tips When Buying Flag Poles

Flag poles are good for residential and commercial places. A good flag pole will enhance the look of your place.

However, buying flag poles is not always easy. So, you should have the right flag pole tips to avoid making a mistake. With these tips, buying a flag pole should not be challenging.

We hope you enjoyed reading the article. Check out other interesting blog posts from our website.

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