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Top Factors That Causes Wear & Tear Of Leather Items

Most people out there have a leather piece that they like to wear – be it leather pants, coats or any other fashionable item. That’s why leather is one of the most versatile fabrics out there. Moreover, it’s a timeless material that can easily pair well with any type of clothing while also having the reputation of being durable over time.

But, truth to be told – it doesn’t matter how strong leather is because eventually it will still get worn out – just like any fabric or material out there (but at a slower rate). If you’re someone who absolutely loves your leather goods and wants to keep them in pristine condition as long as possible, then you need to know the causes for such leather wear & tear, so that you can undertake precautionary measures beforehand.

Significant Causes Of Leather Wear & Tear

Damage From Water

According to professional services for leather lounge cleaning, water is one of the worst enemies for leather products. Although you can expect your leather products to be resistant to external weathering agents, it should be remembered that leather is a permeable fabric. That means that it can absorb water. Some of the common issues that arise with water damage are stains & damp odour from your leather items.

To prevent such a problem, you need to give your leather item a wholesome wipe after it has been exposed to any water source.

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Damage From The Sun

Even though you might enjoy basking in the sunlight, your leather product might not. Sun exposure can cause severe damage to your leather item because the heat that radiates from sunlight can slowly absorb the trapped natural oils inside the leather fibres – ultimately making it dry, leading to cracks.

That’s not all though because extended exposure to leather products can also lead to fading. The sun’s intense UV rays can fade your leather product within mere months. To avoid such a scenario, you need to avoid spending more time out in the sunlight, especially if you’re wearing or carrying any leather product. Try to limit their exposure and you’ll be good to go.

Scuffs & Scratches

It should come as no surprise that scuffs & scratches happen to most leather clothing over time – be it from your own fingernails or any other external source. However, there’s not much you can do to prevent scuffs & scratches other than being super careful with your leather goods.

Apart from being careful, you can use olive oil to apply on the affected area so that the scuff marks become less visible.

Rips & Tears

Human beings don’t live in a perfect world and there will be moments when accidents might tend to happen. Even though leather is a sturdy material, tears & rips on your leather product surface can occur over time – either due to natural wear & tear or accidents.

But, you shouldn’t be too worried if you have superior sewing skills for the same. So, it’s better to hand over your leather products to the professionals for repair in case of any tears or rips.

Passage Of Time

Everything in this world ages over time and the same concept can be applied to your leather products. The more you use your leather products, the more they will get worn out. Similarly, the longer you tend to keep your leather product, the higher will be the natural wear & tear over time.

One of the common problems that you have to deal with old leather products is peeling, where the top surface layer of leather starts to peel off. But, that doesn’t mean you should throw it out. Simply take a professional’s help to restore the same.

Lastly, be sure to store your leather goods in a dry, non-damp place when not in use.

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