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Top 10 Smart Tips to Use PR as Effective SEO Tool

Due to human curiosity, effective tools like Google exist.

Did you know that there are 40,000 searches per second on Google alone, around the globe?

According to recent statistics by Google at the end of 2019, users conduct 62.19 billion searches in a year.

The immense usage of Google is what makes it a perfect tool for PR purposes. PR is a part of the content marketing mix. Yet, companies tend to fail in paying proper heed to its effective usage as an effective SEO tool. These tricks can help you take full advantage of it, even if it is your first time.

In case you have never used PR, we have gathered up the top 10 tricks.

Work on Your Link Building!

If you have bloggers or journalists with a good following, use that. You can ask them to add a link to your website on the articles they publish through their websites or blogs.

This way you will have used PR as an effective tool to draw an inflow of visitors to your website. The inbound links generated this way will improve your visibility in search engines. So, you should consider this effective tactic in using PR as an effective tool for your company.

Be Smart When It Comes to Keywords!

You might think that PR is irrelevant to keyword search. Nonetheless, let me tell you that you are wrong.

According to SEO experts, using trendy keywords can improve your ranking.

There are many SEO tools that companies use, which involve Google’s Keyword Planner. This amazing tool can assist you in checking the top keywords

Pro tip: You should still not adopt ‘keyword stuffing’ because Google is smart enough to spot it.

Involve Media Somehow!

Your media department should share press releases of major events with the media. This can be good for PR purposes.

How would this PR act affect your SEO? Media organizations have their own websites these days. If they write about you in their news, then they are most likely to publish it on their website.

You can ask these media organizations to add a link to your website, which would add to your visitor inflow.

Make Your Content Downloadable!

The articles and blogs on your website should be published under the Blog section. If you have a media page as well, you can put that content there. So, if a media organization wants to write a story on you, they can access important information about you.

Besides this, your blogs, articles, and press releases must be easy to download for them.

People find it convenient when they can download articles in PDF files. This is why you should definitely add this feature to your articles or blogs.

This can signal that you ACTUALLY take your SEO services seriously.

Use LinkedIn to Help You!

After creating a great LinkedIn bio, you should post your written content there.

LinkedIn enables people from the corporate sector to connect. With LinkedIn, you can attract the attention of the people that belong to your industry.

This is why many SEO service providers suggest this as an effective technique as well.

Generate Blogs and Articles on Geographically Diverse Topics!

To gain the attention of visitors, you should publish articles on specific topics. These topics should be relevant to your industry. Nonetheless, that does not necessarily mean that you should not experiment.

You should publish opinion pieces, features, and blogs to draw attention. Articles on diverse topics can draw an audience from various locations.  For example, you wrote and published a blog on the Black Lives Matter protests. This can draw the attention of the people from the US, even if your company belongs to another continent.

With this effective method, you can attract people from across the borders.

Add Images and Enhance Your Optimization!

Google algorithms can reward you for using images in your content.

The first you should understand: every part of your content contributes to your SEO.

Google Images analyzes images as well. So, if you use good images they can contribute well to your SEO.

Social media tools like Pinterest are being used by companies for SEO. To improve their website traffic, companies use images in their content. It is just like tasting new cuisine. Some ingredients might not have a taste. However, that does not mean that they do not have a taste.

Use Your Personal Networks!

If you know a popular influencer, you should totally reach out to them. You should ask these influencers to share the details of your business on their social media.

We realize that this might be a little hard. This is because usually social media influencers expect something in exchange. In this regard, you can offer to feature them through a blog post or article on your website.

This way, both of the parties will enjoy this social ‘transaction’.

Try to Stay in the News!

Seek out events and conferences happening near you.

What benefit could it bring? You can stay in the news. Yes, at events representatives from different media organizations visit. These personalities write on the speakers and sponsors from the event.

Try to be one of these things by networking, so you stay in the news somehow. This way you can use PR strategies as an effective SEO tool for your organization.

Write for Newspapers!

You should write up opinion pieces and share them with newspaper organizations. So, your name and the business you own can be advertised in some way.

Lastly, you can hire SEO service providers in your area to do all this for you. Even if their SEO services do not include any of this advice given, you can always suggest them.

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