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How to Identify different types of Ants in Your Home

Most people do not care much if there are ants running around the house. What they do not know is that where there is one ant, there can be dozens more. Ants are common pests that grow rapidly in population and quickly form a colony. Once they are settled, getting rid of an ant infestation is difficult.

Ants are not only a risk for your property but can also harm your family. Aside from the excruciating biting, they can pollute your food and might transfer bacterial diseases. So, if you see a small ant running around your house, this might be troublesome news.

How to Identify and Get Rid of Ants

The best way to prevent your home from an ant infestation is through proper identification. We have listed the three most common types of ants here. A little knowledge about them will help you control them effectively.

  1. Carpenter Ants

Carpenter ants are the most found ants in Canada. These native pests are also the most destructive ones among all the ants. They are large in appearance and have a large head with 6 legs and a thin abdomen. There are two types of carpenter ants, black and red carpenter. However, black carpenter ants are most common in Canada.

These pests feed on foods that are rich in protein or sugar. Bread, meat, candy, peanut butter and honey are their favorite foods. You can find carpenter ants in your home where there is wood. These house pests threaten the structural stability as they eat through woodwork and thus cause damage to your property.

How to avoid carpenter ants

You can remove carpenter ants from your home by following preventive measures. First, make sure the food in your home is properly stored and sealed. Secondly, clean all the moist areas and wipe spots where there is any sitting water. Check out the wooden doors and windows in your house regularly.

In case you found carpenter ants running around, call a good pest control company to get rid of them quickly.

  • Pharaoh Ants

Pharaoh ants are tropical pests that can often be found in temperature-controlled buildings. Despite their small size, these ants can do serious damage. They live by forming a colony around humid and warm areas. Mostly these are found near pipes and drains and can go unnoticed due to their small body size.

Pharaoh ants are small, slender in appearance and are mostly 2 millimetres long. Their colour varies with the species, but most are brown or red. The queen ant is usually 4-5mm in length. Pharaoh ants can nest and make colonies in odd places, such as sheets of paper, books, wall voids, and clothing.

These ants feed on sweet, fatty foods such as bread, meat, jelly, syrup, and fruit. They are also known to eat through certain silk. You can easily find them near food sources and places like windows and doorways. The biggest threat pharaoh ants pose is the spread of harmful bacteria like salmonella.

How to avoid pharaoh ants

To prevent a pharaoh ant infestation, keep your draining areas clean. It is wise to rotate your stored food and scrub the areas that have spills. Also, store your sugary food inside jars with tight lids. If you think your home has pharaoh ants, do not try DIY methods. Calling a professional pest control company is a better choice in such a situation.

  • Pavement Ants

These ants are native to Europe but are thriving in Canada and northern America. As the name gives it away, pavement ants make the pavements their home. You can find them in your driveway, home foundations, and cracks between pavement slabs.Their way of life helps them thrive in populated areas and suburbs.

Unlike the other two types of ants, these do not eat wood or spread bacterial diseases. However, they can damage your property in the long run. Since they live under concrete slabs, the pavement ants can undermine the soil underneath these areas. Thus, they can damage the soil underneath and leave trails of dirt while causing structural damage.

Pavement ants are small, typically up to 3mm in size, and black or brown in color. They have twelve segmented antennae with a three-segmented club and a shiny coating. Like all ants, they are also attracted to greasy, sugary foods. In winter, these ants can take shelter inside your home and may form colonies there. Basements, patios, and garages are some of their common hiding places.

How to avoid and remove pavement ants

You can keep inside and outside of your house clean from pavement ants by following some pre-emptive measures. First, seal and block the cracks in your driveway and garage. Secondly, keep the stored food in tightly closed cans to eliminate the attraction.

In case your home has an ant infestation, seek the help of a pest control service provider.

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