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Get to Know Your Dab Rigs

While people are well informed of the dangers of drawing in smoke into their lungs, they have sought alternative methods to enjoy medicinal benefits. Vaping is a great example, but dabbing is gaining popularity at an incredible speed.

What is dabbing?

Dabbing is the process of directly heating wax containing THC concentrates, which turns into vapor, which is inhaled. If you’ve tried dabbing and you enjoyed, probably you need to invest in a dab rig of your own. 

Well, newbies maybe a little bit discouraged about the wide variety of rigs on the market. It’s essential to familiarize yourself with how dab rigs are designed and how they work. Like any product, there are low-end to high-end dab rigs with tons of additional features. By educating yourself about rigs, you’ll be able to make informed decisions before making a purchase.

What is a dab rig?

A dab rig is a device typically made of glass pipe connected to a nail used for dabbing. Newbie dabbers may feel overwhelmed at the cost, technique, and the number of accessories needed to use a dab rig. The efficacy of dabbing is one of the primary reasons why dab rigs have gained traction. You can use a dab rig to attain the same level of medication you’d get from a traditional bong.

Components of a dab rig

Having known what a dab rig is, it’s good to know its components:

  • Nail. Without a nail, you’ll not dab since it is in charge of heating the concentrate and turning into vapor. The nail comes in different materials, including; glass, ceramic, quartz, and titanium.
  • Blowtorch. The blowtorch heats the concentrate until it vaporizes. This is a crucial component that will cut short your vaping session if it’s not available. 
  • Dabber. This is a small yet crucial piece that is used to transfer concentrates to the rig in preparation for inhalation.
  • Percolator. Depending on the model, nearly all rigs come with one or more percolators. They help filter the smoke while cooling it down before it reaches your mouth and lungs. It acts as a lifesaver for newbies who aren’t used to high intensity.
  • Dome. The piece aids in protecting your hand from extremely high temperatures when the nail heats up. However, not all nails come with a dome.

How a dab rig works

Dabbing can be a pretty simple process once you’ve mastered these steps:

  • Heat the nail using a blowtorch. Depending on the material of your nail, you’ll want to be super-hot.
  • Let the nail cool down a little bit to anywhere between 300-400 degrees F.
  • Get the dab on the nail while inhaling slowly – take your time to get the most out of your concentrate.
  • If you have a carb cab usually used to cover the concentrate while it vaporizes, you can make use of it. It will let you fully vaporize the concentrate as you draw in.

Exhale the vapor!

Here are fantastic dab rigs on the market you’ll fall in love with.

  • Switch
  • Boost Black Edition
  • Boost Black Edition Bundle

We recommend Dr dabber products because of the quality. Let’s take a look at the Switch, for example, and see if it’s worth the hype. It’s a game-changing product to vapers due to its patent-pending induction heating technology. It generates heat incredibly fast while keeping the coils cool. The Switch is a rare category of handheld dab rigs which offers its user satisfying vaping experience.

When you purchase the Switch, this is what you should expect in the box:

The Dr. Dabber Switch unit

  • Glass bubbler
  • Silicone wax container
  • Two ceramic induction cups
  • Carb cab
  • Ceramic flower filter
  • Dab tool
  • Charging cable and adapter
  • Tweezers

Each item is perfectly well-built, and in case any of them need replacing, you’ll find them on drdabber.com. Besides, if you’re looking to upgrade the look of your new vaporizer, there are a good deal of bubblers to choose from – as well as other accessories.

Advantages of Dab rigs

If you’re into dabbing, having a decent dab rig is a must. Here is a list of the top advantages of a dab rig.

  • Convenience. You’ll get the most out of your concentrate
  • Safety. A well-built rig will keep safe while dabbing, unlike homemade rigs.
  • Style. Decent rigs have a sleek design, unlike bongs and other smoking devices.
  • Portability. Depending on the model and brand, some dab rigs are portable, which favors outdoor lovers.

While everyone’s taste is different when it comes to dabbing, finding an ideal rig might take time. With the information we’ve provided, it will help you make informed decisions and make the most of your dabbing experience. Dabbing is meant to be fun, with the best dab rigs you’ll enjoy!  

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