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Different Types of Best Red Dot Sights – Guide

After reading so many “best red dot sights reviewed in 2021” One is bound to be perplexed on how to choose the best one for themselves. Having said that, these guides and reviews typically don’t include the fact that there are two different types of Red Dot sights available on the market.

However, this article is dedicated to help you find the best red dot sights for yourself, and to do that, we are going to be telling you about the different types of red dot sights that can be found on the market. This will indeed allow you to choose which kind of red dot sight happens to be a better choice for your functionality.

To simply put, there are three different types of red  dot sights available, which are known as Full Tube Red Dot Sights, Small Tube Red Dot Sights, and reflex sights.

Now that you know what are the three different types of Best red dot sights, the rest of the article is dedicated to help you understand the differences between them.

If you are someone that wants the best red dot sights in terms of optics, then Full Tube Red dot sights happen to be a better choice than any of the other sights mentioned here. These kinds of sights are optically perfected and the eye box provided in them is a very good one. However, they do have their disadvantages, and their disadvantage is their enormous size. The size of a full tube red dot sight is nearly equal to the size of a rifle scope.

However, their size happens to be of as much an advantage as their disadvantage. Due to their huge size, it is easier for the shooter to look through the full tube red dot sights.

Similarly, Reflex Sights happen to be a totally different thing as compared to full tube red dot sights and small tube red dot sights. As compared to both of these sights, these sights happen to be of a much smaller size. When you look at them from the optical point, they are rather comparable.

However, Reflex Sights are of no use majorly in bad weather conditions. Reflex Sights happen to be lightweight, compact and are designed in such a way that they can be mounted basically on any kind of a weapon, whether it be a pistol or a rifle. This is so because reflex sights come with many mounting solutions.

The red dot sights in the reflex sights happens to be located in the shape of a star. This means that it is not clear and can be adjusted to an extent. The Red Dots that are seen on the reflex sights happen to be much more bigger than they are on full red tube sights and small red tube sights. In some past years,  majority of the people started to use reflex sights on their handguns since they happen to be the most suitable solution.

For a handgun, full tube red dot sights and small tube red dot sights happen to be too big in size and have too much weight which makes it difficult for the users to balance their aim. Other than that, mounting them also happens to be a pretty difficult thing.

However, all the three groups of Red Dot sights are intended for tactical and hunting professional usage. If you are aiming to have a small dot for a better tactical use, you must prefer Reflex Sights. Reflex sights also happen to be a better choice if you want to shoot fast in a closed range combat.

Reflex sights take the win over other kinds of Red dot sights as they have a good eye box, they happen to be the least sensitive to the eye position.

When it comes to choosing small sights, Aims such as Aimpoint Micro H1 and H2 happens to be the perfect choice for people that are going hunting.


To summarise, if you are going to be engaging in a closed range combat, then we prefer that you go with Reflex dot red dot sights. However, if you want to use your rifle over long distance, then Full Red Dot tube Sights happen to be the preferred choice.

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