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Best Tennis Racket in India

Having the correct sports tools plays a leading role in attaining success in the world of games, and with tennis obsession fascinating everyone so, thanks to the French Open. One of the most effective ways to reach this is by buying the best tennis racquets in India, particularly as lots of your performance is reliant on the sort of racquet you use. 

Now You Take Your Game To The A-Level With The Best Tennis in India for all time

1. Nivia Attack Ti Tennis Racket (Adult)

Best tennis racket in India, which an adult racquet comes is made of an aluminium body that is 79 centimetres in length and weighs in about 300 grams, this Nivia Attack Ti option is one of the most excellent tennis racquets for first-timers. This racquet comes in a light body that yet provides you with a strong clutch; it offers smooth control and strength as well as and makes for the great combination of firmness and flexibility. 

MRP: Rs. 1,388

2. Wilson Fusion Aluminium Tennis Racquet 

This Wilson Fusion aluminium tennis racquet comes in a strung with a top size of 112 square inches, and a length is 27 inches, as thus racquet comes with a perfect alternative for tome timers and professionals in a similar way. The aluminium compound building, matching with the 4 ⅜ grip size and it makes the ideal amalgamation for the right twirl without any overturn surprises to your shoulder. 

MRP: Rs. 2099

3. Cosco Max Power Aluminium Tennis Racquet 

Cosco Max Power tennis racquet is one of the most affordable tennis racquets in the market. Also, it’s one of the top tennis racquets in India because of its suitable weight of 260 grams, and the 320-340mm equilibrium that it offers. Strike the ball out of the courtyard with this racquet.

MRP: Rs. 1990 

4. HEAD Speed 26 Tennis Racquet 

This racquet is highly recommended by Novak Djokovic himself; the HEAD Speed 26 tennis racquet is lightweight with robustly strung strings that create space for the player to carry out the racquet to the best of his skills. Its graphene XT technology makes sure a strong and guarded influence on the ball, while it’s 24 mm beam makes it a valuable investment as well as also it one of the best tennis racquets for highly developed players. 

MRP: Rs. 4,373 

5. HEAD Titanium 1000 Tennis Racquet 

Another racquet is HEADING, this Titanium 1000 tennis racquet in India that is quite budget-friendly and performs amazingly in any tennis court. Its 16×19 thread prototype, plus its 330 mm balance, comes it fit for use by novices, midway players, and advanced players. Its small grasp size and smaller length offer extra control to the player’s game, and also providing you so far another reason to include it to your tennis tools. 

MRP: Rs. 2,175

6. Yonex Vcore SV Team Gloss Tennis Racquet – G4 3/8 

This Yonex Vcore SV Team Gloss tennis racquet in G4 ⅜ offers the player extra strength due to the micro-core technology, and the sweet dot near the peak that provides the player adequate space for discovering various blow. However it’s lightweight, it also includes good balance and stronghold, as it makes one of the best tennis racquets in India. It also successfully offers to your spins, hand control, and strikes along with makes it a more valuable investment, despite its a little sheer price. 

MRP: Rs. 3,750

7. Babolat Evoke 102 Tennis Racquet  

The Babolat Evoke 102 tennis racquet can be your primary investment on the way to a complete tennis career! Finally, it’s particularly built for highly developed players, and it comes with a border that is collected of combined graphite that makes for a strong clutch. Hard-wearing so far lightweight, it’ll offer the player with good cross the ball without any overturn jolts, thus it allows the player to play more successfully for a longer time. 

MRP: Rs. 3,974

8. Wilson Blade 98S BLX-

This racket is built for the advance and hard-line players. It offers a flawless control for attacking players and the great thing for the individuals who want to buy this racket is that this year launch comprises some added pattern and layout features such as clean lines, laser engraving and matte finishes. It is the leading model which has been introduced in the blade string with its 285 gram of frame. It is merged with graphite and has a corded model of 16 mains and 19 crosses. 98 sq inches and it’s the head size and 27 inches is the length. The ray thickness of this racket is 20.6 mm plus 1pts of headlight stability.

These are the best tennis racquets in India available for you.

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