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Best DIY projects to make yourself

Best DIY projects to make yourself. The biggest lovers of reading are usually very attentive to all the details relating to their favorite occupation. From the protective cover to the bookmark, the book and the act of reading are now more polished than ever. We even got into the habit of offering these small accessories as a gift because such a testimony of care and respect for a person’s interests could only fulfill them. And if we take a little time to make the reading gift with our own hands, the result would be even more sentimental. It is why, today, we are presenting you lots of great suggestions for your bookmark and all other DIY bookmarks that you will make in two steps, three movements.

A super easy origami bookmark to decorate the corner of your page

To make this beautiful origami page corner, all you need is a lovely square of origami paper with a pattern that you like.

1. Take the lower right corner and fold it to bring it back to the center. Repeat the same operation on the lower-left corner.

2. Open again and lay flat. Now take the angle located at the top by its point to fold it to touch the lower edge of the paper. This way, you will get a pocket.

3. Retake the left corner to fold it up but this time slide it into the pocket before folding and pressing flat. Repeat this same operation on the opposite corner to complete the bookmark.

There you have it. All you have to do is insert the bookmark in the corner of your page and drawing ideas.

A cute cat bookmark as easy as pie

Materials and tools needed:

· Cutter

· Colored paper

· Scissors

· Cutting mat

· Indelible

· Pencil

· Rubber

· Rule


1. First, draw strips in the colored paper using your pencil and ruler and then cut them out, making sure not to leave any traces of the pencil. If you leave one, erase it with your eraser.

2. Using your indelible stamp, draw a cat’s head second, adding the front legs as well. Be careful there because these must be long enough to “support” your page.

3. Take your scissors to cut the paper around the ears and then, using your cutter, cut the legs along the outlines. Note that it may be necessary to repeat the operation several times to achieve the desired result. Raise the legs, and here is your bookmark, too lovely.

Colorful pompom bookmark

Materials needed:

· Simple paper bookmarks

· Decorative twine twin

· Scissors


1. The first thing to do is get these simple rectangular paper bookmarks that you can find in hobby stores, such as creative, or make them yourself by cutting them out in a piece of card stock. Make a hole at the top of the latter to be able to insert the pompom.

2. Then, you have to make the pompom itself. Take a piece of string, leaving a tiny strand at the beginning, and start to wrap it around your fingers. Continue until you roll up a nice amount of wool and leave a small end still unrolled.

3. Carefully release the small ball of yarn from your fingers, being careful not to untie it, and then tie off the little pieces of string left at the beginning and the end.

4. Cut the sides of your tiny ball of yarn and then finish the whole thing by cutting the ends of a rope that goes beyond the pompom.

5. Finally, attach the pompom to your bookmark, and it is already ready to serve your reading.

Some super simple suggestions for the laziest of you

Best DIY projects to make yourself

· Single-button bookmark and paper clip

Here is a super simple tutorial to make from large paper clips, buttons, and strong glue. All you need to do is attach the button to the top of the paper clip with a bit of glue, and voila.

· Mandala style bookmark to print and customize 

Perhaps the easiest way to make a bookmark is to print it out. In recent times, mandala bookmarks, in particular, are becoming very popular because of their personalized character and playfulness. You can find plenty of great free, print-ready template suggestions online. Here are some.

· Origami bookmark to print 

Since making an origami bookmark could sometimes be more complicated than you think, your best bet would be to find a printable version. The stencils you can find online often have outlines that indicate the fold lines, making your job much easier. Here is an excellent animal bookmark template that works very well as an elementary school activity.

· Decorated leather strip bookmark

The last of these super simple tutorials is to make a bookmark out of a strip of leather that you can customize with paint. Just use a little masking tape to isolate the area to be painted, and then apply acrylic paint using a foam brush, as shown in the photo below. Remove the masking tape, let dry and use.

Original bookmark in ice cream sticks – a charming children’s project

Materials needed:

· Large ice cream sticks

· Farfalle type pasta

· Acrylic paint in various colors

· Paintbrushes

· Assorted colored pipe cleaners

· Hot glue gun


1. Start by protecting your work surface with newspaper or a tablecloth.

2. Now, repaint the face and the back with a few acrylic paint pastes (use various colors). While this is drying, you can also customize your paint and pattern ice cream sticks to your liking.

3. When the paint you have repainted the pastes is completely dry, cut a small piece of pipe cleaner that you must wrap around the center of each paste to make a knot. The excess pipe cleaner will represent your butterfly’s antenna.

4. Finally, attach the dough to the ice cream stick, and here are your butterfly bookmarks.

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