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Avoid these Mistakes when you are Designing a Brochure

There are several marketing tools, but the best marketing tool is one that increases your customer traffic and sales. We can say that brochure printing is one of those marketing tools.

Brochures provide vital information about the products and services, but they are also the quickest tool you can give to someone in a tradeshow and presentations.

So, your brochure should have all the contents and have a pleasing design because a good brochure will capture the reader’s attention while a badly designed brochure will frustrate and confuse the reader.

A brochure helps you create a brand identity and awareness about the products and services an organization is delivering.

Have you ever noticed the brochure you made and the print of the same brochure with different colors even if you use the same colors in printing? Like this, there are many mistakes and problems when we design or print a brochure.

We are going to discuss this color mode problem and many other mistakes in this article.

Don’t Overcrowd the Brochure with the Info

Adding too much information in the brochure printing will confuse the person and make it unattractive.

Avoid too much jargon, add images, and leave some white space.

It is an informal general rule only to use brochures for only one product or one service. If you add information about another product in the same product, the reader or the customer will be confused and frustrated.

As an alternative, you can publish a second brochure for another product or service.

Add Headlines

When people see lots of text in a brochure, they tend to ignore the texts, which results in wastage of brochures.

So, to avoid this mistake, add headings or subheadings to break the text into small sections and make your headings attention-grabbing this will create curiosity in the reader to read more.

Also, adding heading and subheading helps the reader scan the whole brochure without leaving any essential information behind.

Don’t Use Lots of Fonts

In brochure printing, using too many fonts will give an unpleasant appearance.

You should use suitable fonts that match your primary purpose of the brochure.

Designers mainly use three fonts in their brochure to differentiate headings, main body and call to action.

Don’t Forget to Add White Space

White space is the area between design elements. Despite its name, the white space should not be of only white color, it can be of any color.

It shows the better organization of the content and gives the reader’s eyes relaxation because, without white space, the eyes will have difficulty reading after seeing too much text or images. In other words, white space a pleasing appearance to the brochure.

Poor Text Alignment

The content in the brochure should have a flow. Each section in your brochure should be interconnected to avoid having a directionless brochure.

Outline your ideas before making a brochure. In this way, you’ll have a proper organization of the main idea throughout the brochure, and your brochure printing will be successful.

Avoid Images of Poor Quality

The design of the brochure has a significant impact on your reader because it shows your brand identity. So using poor quality images in your brochure will ultimately give a bad impression on your customer. These images in print become pixelated and blurred. A higher resolution image should be used, which has vibrant colors and eye-catching style.

Use good quality images. It is recommended to use paid images because most free images are used a lot and sometimes do not convey your message clearly.

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