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Are you making these shower mistakes?

A quick shower is a great way to start your day, but it can also cause problems for the bathroom. One of the most common mistakes people make in the shower is using toiletries that are not meant for use in bathrooms. This includes body wash and shampoo, which often contains oils and other ingredients that will clog pipes when they run down the drain. If you notice water leaking around the edge of your tub, this could be due to bath oils and shampoos spilling down the drain–so make sure to read labels carefully before you buy anything or ask your local hardware store for advice on products that are safe for use in bathrooms!

In this article, we are  going to outline a few more habits that can cause problems for your plumbing.

9 Bad shower habits you should stop doing:

1) Running the water excessively.

This not only wastes precious water and energy, but it can also lead to leaks. It may seem like you’re saving time by running the shower into the bathtub, but the opposite is actually true–using extra hot or extra cold water will take much longer than normal because you need to account for how extreme the temperature change is.

2) Letting hair and soap scum build up.

When this happens, you might find yourself with clogged drains and other issues down the road. One way to avoid this issue is getting in the habit of rinsing off completely after every use: shampoo and conditioner can be especially troublesome for your drains, so make sure all of it is gone before you turn off the water.

3) Overloading the drain.

Putting too much hair and soap into one drain can cause a clog that needs to be removed by a professional. If you find yourself with clogged drains frequently, try buying a sink strainer or clearing out your bathtub stopper regularly.

4) Using cleaning chemicals around the shower/bathtub.

Chemicals like bleach are great for keeping showers clean but are also very dangerous if they come in contact with skin or eyes–plus, if they mix with other chemicals (like bath oil), they can create toxic fumes! Make sure to always keep these dangerous products on a high shelf where kids and pets can’t reach them.

5) Leaving the water running while brushing teeth.

This is an easy way to end up with a costly bill–not to mention how it wastes water! Always turn off the water when you’re not directly underneath it or using it for another purpose (like cleaning).

6) Not checking the temperature before entering the shower.

It might feel nice to get blasted by piping hot water, but if you stand under scalding hot water long enough, you could end up seriously burned…and there’s also the risk that someone else will accidentally start your shower on high heat and scald themselves! So always look before you step into a shower or bathtub.

7) Forgetting to turn off the shower before leaving the room.

Leaving an unattended shower on is a major waste of water, but it’s also something that could lead to injury if someone else enters your bathroom while you are away. We all know how easy it is to get distracted, so make sure you always turn off the shower when you leave…even for a quick bathroom break!

8) Leaving hair ties in the shower/bathtub drain.

This can cause mildew growth and blockage issues down the road, so try not to set them on flat surfaces where they could slip into your drains by accident–that goes double if there are young children or pets living in your home!

9) Being rough with faucets and other fixtures.

Do not use your faucets as tools! For example, don’t try to loosen a tight jar lid with the sprayer attached to your sink. This can lead to leaks or other issues that will be very costly if they are not addressed right away.


We hope you have found this article helpful! If you plan on using chemicals in your shower/bathtub, do so carefully and always keep them in a high place where young children and pets cannot reach them! Also remember that keeping surfaces clean and dry is essential for preventing mildew growth.

If there is anything we missed here, feel free to add it in the comments section! Thanks for reading and we hope you come back soon πŸ™‚

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